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Himanshu Khandelwal – Arya Alumni has become an International Photographer

Every successful person in life began by pursuing a passion, usually against all odds. That is the beauty of life. Generally, you have only a passion, a good idea, and a dream. Though ideas and dreams come and go, if passion is never lost, eventually good things will come your way. But there are cases when society and family creates pressure in the life of student. They create their own rules and regulations in concern with job, good salary packages, families or marriages. It acts as a hurdle in every student’s life who wishes to achieve their desired goals.

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It is important to motivate your child so that they can achieve great success throughout their career, as family support and encouragement is essential. There are millions of people who are going through this hard-core pressure. Same situation is faced by Himanshu Khandelwal who belongs to middle class family from the Alwar district of Rajasthan. He wants to become a photographer and his parents didn’t support him. He has started his photographic career with Digital Camera.

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He has completed his education from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Alwar with good marks. Then he decided to pursue Engineering and reached to Jaipur. He completed his graduation in B.Tech Computer Science from Arya college of Engineering and IT, associated with Rajasthan Technical University. After studies, he showed his core interest in photography and started studying microscopic details of the pictures or the images that can be clicked through Digital Camera. He had also started looking for various online communities or you tube videos, where he could improve his talent and learn more about photography.


Despite this, he started preparing for entrance examination of MBA in Ahmedabad, as his family lives there and he does not want to disappoint them. It was the escape plan to keep pursuing photography. He continued to enhance his skills and got the admission in Management College. While pursuing management career in Ahmedabad, he realized that he does not have enough opportunity to lead his photographic career. Therefore, MBA provides him the platform for which he was looking from years. After MBA, he joined multi-national management company where he started applying his photographic knowledge and skills practically. After the 5 days work in the company, he learns and works for photography. Currently, he is also working as a freelance photographer, as he had worked with many Multi-National Clients. He got the job in World’s best Technology Research Company that geared up his photography skills and talent. His main photography genre is in Lifestyle and Travel photography along with Weddings, Pre-Weddings, Food Photography and Product Promotion Shoots.

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In the journey of using Digital Camera to convincing his family, it was very difficult phase for him. Even after lots of struggle, his sister supported him with every possible way and buys him his first DSLR Camera. Himanshu has worked with Lifestyle as Travel description photographer and with various international photographers. His captured pictures were also published in different Online Portals, Websites and top-rated International Magazines. He went to Europe and took pictures there for one month which boosted up his career. He never wanted to take support for money from his family since the beginning of his passion. That is why, he joined the MNC and today he has high-technical photographic instruments and equipments due to his hard-work and struggle. Now, his family is also happy for his success and supporting him in every possible way. Even after the belonging from the middle-class family, Himanshu has been an inspiration for the youth generation. Arya College is working for producing more such talents for the country.

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