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Arya College arranged Industrial Visit at Dainik Bhaskar

Education is the important factor in the developing country like India. It requires both practical and theoretical knowledge for the students. Both Private and Government Colleges and Schools are focusing on Industrial visits as it adds value learning method for the students especially management and engineering students. Today’s Learning is limitless. It does not restrict itself to textbooks, lectures or other study materials. For all work-processes and business functions, Practical hands-on-learning is essential.

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To provide the holistic approach to the students, Arya College of Engineering and IT has arranged an Industrial visit for the Department of Electrical Engineering on 12th March 2018 at Dainik Bhaskar. Around 120 students and 10 Faculty or Staff visited the place. At the visit, Students learned about various aspects of printing and its related tools and equipment that include Process of Selecting the type and material of paper and Ink along with the entire printing process. Also, they learned about the PLC and SCADA operations and the preparation method of bundles of papers effectively and efficiently.

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The main focus of the Industrial Visit is to expose students to the real working environment and show them the method of work done in an organization. The visit was totally educational in nature with the rich learning experience. It has provided the opportunity to the students to master their field or scope and its related challenges. The main aim of the visit was to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical exposure.

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The industrial visit has generated an excitement among the students as they get the chance to learn something outside the confines of their College walls or Campus. Thus, it adds to a source of entertainment as well. Students have clarified their doubts as they got the opportunity to have the face-to-face interaction with the staff and the technical managers of Dainik Bhaskar. They have enhanced their Interpersonal and Communications skills which will help all the students to implement their goal or career in a better way. This visit has created great awareness of industry practices and regulations.

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