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Alternatives to a four-year degree

Life after high school: top alternatives to college

Earning a College Degree is an impressive achievement for any student, but it is not for everyone. According to research, 33 percent of adults with an age of 25 and older have a bachelor's degree or higher. On the other hand, 67 percent have without a four-year degree. Completing a bachelor's degree is not the only way to launch a successful career.

If a traditional four-year college is not the right path for you, there are some alternatives:

Start a business

There are millions of small business owners across the globe and the barriers to starting your own business have never been lower. However, a storefront with expensive rent, utilities and employees is no longer necessary to sell goods or provide a service. A computer and an internet connection are all that candidates need to start a business from home.

Attend community college

Community college is emerging as a good value and a promising way to land a job. The programs offered are a direct response to the needs of the current job market. In just two years' time, students can earn an associate degree or a certification as a veterinary technician, a dental hygienist, a web designer or even a winemaker.

The community college also affords an individual the option of transferring to a four-year college after receiving your associate degree. However, the first two years of most bachelor's degree programs are comprised of the same set of classes. It includes an entry-level English, math and science courses but often at a fraction of the price.

Enroll in a technical college

Technical Colleges like Arya College of Engineering and IT specialize in career-driven courses that teach skills that apply to specific careers. For instance, it includes carpentry or electrical work. Unlike a four-year college, an individual is not required to take classes that are not related to their career focus. This option is great if they already have a career in mind and want to go directly into it.

In addition, there is a growing domestic demand for high-precision skills. Skilled trade workers are a disproportionately older population. As they begin to retire, there will be a large number of jobs to fill. The technical college will prepare you to take on those roles.

Try an apprenticeship or fellowship

Apprenticeships offer the opportunity to learn a trade in an in-demand field. It is like other internships that offer some pay. Programs offer on-the-job training from experienced professionals. If individuals go this route, they will likely be working with their hands. However, the construction industry currently makes up two-thirds of apprenticeship programs in some of the countries. If individuals have a great idea but do not want to wait four years to execute it, consider applying for a fellowship. The program is competitive. Only a few candidates are selected each year.

Join the military

There are many practical benefits to joining a branch of the military. In addition to a competitive salary, free health care, and little-to-no living costs, the military will pay your tuition while in service. Soldiers have access to a variety of online learning options and there are satellite classrooms on many bases.

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