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AAWP Plug-in Review: How to Setup

AAWP Plug-in Introduction

AAWP Plug-in is one of the top plug-ins in the market for Amazon Affiliate marketers. This tool is very helpful in making a profit off the Amazon associate websites. The AAWP offers many services to the user and is easy to use. Its easy installation and configuration make it a perfect choice for someone who is new to this field and wants to derive as much profit as any other professional.

With AAWP you are provided with the benefit of reaching all the Amazon Geo stores located all over the globe and make a profit. It also saves you from manually updating your product description by offering you the time saving auto-product updation.

AAWP supports multiple themes, you can enjoy different templates attracting wide users and helping you boost your sales.

The comparison table is the highlight of this plug-in. It allows you to create comparison tables for various products making it easier for the user to compare and choose the one suited for their requirement.

The only drawback of AAWP is its high pricing. But considering the unique features and services it offers, it can be said that this plug-in has value for money.

How to set up the AAWP Plug-in?

Here is a simple guide teaching you how to set up the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Pug-in.

Step 1: Purchase

AAWP is available for purchase online on the official site of the plug-in. It offers various paid plans with price depending upon the maximum number of sites hosted by it. After doing the payment, you will receive an email containing your receipt, a link to download the ZIP file and license key.

Step 2: Uploading the plug-in

The next step is to upload the AAWP plug-in to your website with the help of the ZIP file provided to you in the mail. Then click on the ‘Activate plug-in’ link.

Step 3: Enter API Key

For this, you will need an Amazon web services account. If you do not have one, you can easily create one by entering your cc info, verifying your phone number and then choosing the plan. After this, create your API key by logging into your console and connect it to associate accounts.

Now you just have to enter your API information and the associated plans into your AAWP plug-in.

Step 4: Configuring general and output settings

Go to the general option and update the various settings according to your needs and desire. Right next to the general settings, there are output setting options, update it accordingly.

You can make changes in the settings whenever desired. The last process is configuring the settings of the function and then making the final tables, listing and converting them into posts.

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