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What to do after completing the course from MBA Colleges in Jaipur

Perform lucrative career courses

Pursuing a Ph.D. after MBA is a thrill to research. The Ph.D. program offered at MBA Colleges in Jaipur provides an opportunity to conduct scholarly research, independent study and obtain an in-depth knowledge of a specialized field that is hard to achieve otherwise with just an MBA degree. However, an MBA degree offers a variety of career opportunities but when it complements with a Ph.D. degree, it becomes more valuable.

Involve research and training

The research training leads to awareness of the recent developments. It also defines the ability to evolve new insights for solving business issues. The doctoral graduates are equipped with experience in data analysis and data-driven decision making. After all, they are practiced with various research methodologies that include modeling, experimental methods, econometrics, field studies, etc. However, it is important for an individual to have an aptitude for conducting real-world experiences and research. Also, Best MBA college in Jaipur motivates students to study relevant business issues.

As far as job prospects are concerned, a person with a Ph.D. degree after MBA can choose to become a professor having a high pay scale. The Ph.D. degree holders also gain a competitive advantage over the MBA graduates and this can lead to very lucrative compensations. Being a faculty of Highest Placement College, you can earn a salary in millions. A Ph.D. with an MBA degree leads to golden opportunities in well-known firms or their entrepreneurial ventures.

Top specializations for Ph.D.’s in Business

There are various different specializations for the degree holders related to Ph.D. Some of them include:

Business Economics – Business economics is a combination of economic analysis with business. Other major areas of Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur focuses on the various range of Corporate governance, Urban economics, development economics, economic analysis and risk, corporate governance, organizations, and markets, etc.

  • Accounting – Top 10 MBA colleges in Jaipur focuses on solving different issues. However, it uses economics related to statistical inference, accounting, and decision theory.
  • Finance – This specialization focuses on subjects like macro-economics, asset pricing, corporate finance, portfolio management, international finance, etc.
  • Operations, Information & Technology – This research area focuses on the learning and study of system management, network-processes. It mainly covers information systems, product design, operation management, health care systems, decision making, manufacturing, etc.
  • Organizational behavior – It focuses on various research concepts like sociology, psychology and their impact on behavior within complex organizations.
  • Marketing – Market research mainly focuses on solving marketing management issues that most of the company faces. In addition, the specialization areas involve statistics, behavioral decision making, economics, industrial organization, management science, etc.

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