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What does each department offer at Best Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan?

Explore different courses at Arya 

Engineering is a relatively broad field. There are all manners of ways to be an engineer in a wide variety of fields. But how will you know which the right type of engineer degree is for you? You could take a look at the comprehensive list of Engineering Industry Sectors at Best Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan and find related courses or take a look below to narrow down your options

Therefore Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur offers various major courses under engineering discipline for the career benefits of the students like:

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one of the most creative fields. It also grows upon a number of basics and optimizes the machines, devices, systems, and processes. It further involves mechanical forces, work, and energy. Mechanical Engineering is one of the most diverse fields of engineering that influences almost all aspects of our lives. Therefore, the entire curriculum at the best Mechanical Engineering College in Jaipur categorized into production, design, industrial and thermal engineering. It supports qualified technical personnel and office staff for smooth functioning of different laboratories and office.

Computer Science and IT

The department at Computer Science Engineering College in Jaipur well equipped to provide hands-on technical knowledge and harbors highly qualified faculty to guide and update the students in terms of the latest developments in the sector.

It offers various technical training programs of Red Hat, Novell, Oracle, etc. They are organized for the global certification of the students. The department is a member of various societies. It organizes various workshops and seminars from time to time to promote development and research.

Electronics and Communication

Electronics and Communication engineering course in Jaipur at Arya College heads by lecturers and professors who are experts in their own discipline. They aim at educating and training students with sound knowledge and awareness of the latest trends in electronics, communication and information technology. In addition, With the fast-changing technological sector, the department has a well-designed, constantly reviewed syllabus to incorporate all advancements in existing and emerging technologies.

Electrical Engineering

The department at Electrical Engineering College in Jaipur has been active in teaching and research with a rich tradition. However, it recognizes to be a pioneer in electrical engineering education in India. The course has a fine blend of popular as well young and dynamic personalities as faculty, involves in providing quality education at both UG and PG levels. It has a broad-based UG curriculum and specialized M Tech in power system.

Humanities and applied science

The department imparts knowledge in the areas of physics, chemistry, English, Mathematics, and Humanities. They are well-equipped with the most modern teaching aids and highly qualified faculty mostly Ph.D. holders. However, the faculty continuously endeavors for the growth of the students and update their knowledge by participating in national and international seminars and making contributions in journals.

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