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Pros and Cons of studying Electronics and Communication Engineering

Pros and Cons of Electronics and Communication Engineering

In the present era, Electronics and communications engineering disciplines have their own importance. Both forms of core engineering disciplines are unavoidable for the development of civilization. ECE at top engineering colleges India deals mainly with the design and development of electronic circuits, equipment, and machines and design and development of communication equipments. They are highly required in our day to day life.

Advantages of ECE course

Application is interdependent

In the case of electronics and communication engineering, both electronic and communication equipments has made our planet a global village. This shows the importance of electronics and communication engineering in our life. The cellular phone we use regularly, TV, computer, etc are contributions of electronics and communication engineering. They are mutually dependent for the existence of each other i.e. without electricity there is no electronics and vice-a-versa. Also, it is very fast, cost-effective and convenient, but these attributes contain inherent disadvantages. The technology that enables people to keep in touch at all times can invade their privacy and cut into valuable relaxation time.


Devices like cell phones with mobile communication technology and portable laptops enable people to stay in touch with friends and co-workers at all times. This lets students of Top Private Engineering Colleges Rajasthan work and go online in public locations like trains and in cafes. Also, it has enabled people to avoid traveling long distances to work from home. It also encourages productivity. For instance, someone who has to meet a professional deadline could save valuable time by working on a laptop on the train or bus trip to work.

Speed and Convenience

Electronic communication is convenient and usually instantaneous for the students of btech colleges India. It dispenses with the need to mail or fax documents that can be safely backed up online or on the portable electronic devices to protect against loss or theft. These attributes facilitate both learning and research. An individual with a complicated health problem might gain invaluable information from an authoritative medical website. Universities or colleges can save time and money by posting study materials on campus websites.


Electronic communication makes candidates vulnerable to cyber-attacks from online criminals and can pose a physical threat, especially to children, as online chat rooms can attract predators who pose as peers to gain both trust and personal information. Also, it potentially exposes children to pornographic images. Installing a firewall and keeping security software up to date helps students of Top BTech Colleges to protect against viruses and hackers. Parents can protect their children by installing software that blocks sexual content and by using safe search engines.


Distractions and interruptions caused by electronic communication compromise quality time and can even damage your intelligence quotient, or IQ. Students of engineering colleges in India found that the IQ of people who continuously monitored their email when working dipped by 10 points over the course of the working day, the equivalent of losing a night's sleep. People often feel compelled to check email and text messages even when they are not working and are vulnerable to interruptions from employers and coworkers outside office hours.

Disadvantages of ECE course

Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate in both our personal and professional lives. On the other hand, it causes potential problems. Spending too much time online can be socially isolating. Failure to protect your computer from hackers can compromise personal information. Communication technology is a useful tool. But by taking simple measures to protect online security and spending time offline with real friends, we needn't let it dominate our lives.

Social Isolation

Email, online chat rooms and social networking sites enable students of Best Engineering College in India to keep in touch. On the other hand, psychologists are concerned that the lack of real human contact may have an adverse effect on people's emotional and social well-being. A research has been conducted which shows that the social networking sites foster social isolation and could put people at risk of developing serious health problems. Also, the lack of real face-to-face contact fostered by online communication could alter gene functioning, interfere with the immune system, adversely affect arteries and impair mental performance. Personal interaction creates a positive effect on our well-being.


Cybercriminals exploit communication technology to steal financial information and perpetrate identity theft. They do this by installing illegal spyware on people's computers without asking them. Also, they exploit security vulnerabilities on online merchants' websites to steal customers' bank and credit card details. Hackers send out phishing emails, which direct customers to a bogus website like a fake banking website. Worms and Viruses cause computers to malfunction, and hackers use unwitting people's computers to generate spam email sometimes. Firewalls, along with software to halt viruses and spyware, help them to deter online criminals.


Communication technology is used to store as well as transmit information by the students of best engineering college in Jaipur. Due to its essential nature, the technology raises concerns about data protection and privacy. Federal and State laws govern data protection, by restricting access to sensitive financial or medical information to personnel who have a need to know. However, sensitive information stored on a computer can be compromised through gossip, carelessness or by people who have any issues against their employers.

Child Safety

Children may be computer savvy, but technology exposes them to a number of risks. These risks might include graphic sexual images, sexual predators who solicitor youngsters on chat rooms and through email, along with the online bullying, particularly on social networking sites. Parents can help keep their children safe by monitoring their online activity and installing software. It will filter out sexual content and making use of child friendly search engines like Surf Safely and Ask Kids.

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