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Programming Languages for Engineers

How Tech people develop their skills and gain experiences?

In today’s world, most of the tech jobs demand programming skills. To build a lucrative career, it is important to learn programming languages. After all, there are thousands of programming languages, which used by people around the world. However, out of this bunch of languages, which are the most common, used languages. Arya College Jaipur, one of the Best Engineering Colleges efficiently teaches different programming languages to its students. Hence, in this blog, we are here to discuss the most commonly learned or used programming languages by the tech people around the world.


SQL is the widely accepted programming language. The language is used everywhere from the businesses to the hospitals and banks. MySQL and Microsoft SQL are some servers, which are used efficiently. It is a fact that any person related to the technology must have access to the SQL. However, every Android phone or iPhone have access to SQL directly or indirectly.


Java is one of the most used languages used by developers and engineers. The language is famous for its simplicity and reliability to use it. Java is one of the long-term languages. It is due to its compatibility to use it. Java is used to make the company websites competent. Some websites are,, and

C# language

The C# known as C- sharp is a new programming language. The Microsoft Company designs the language. In other words, the language works for enterprise applications, which runs on the framework of .NET. The C# language is the evolution of C and C++. The language is simple to use. C# is modern, safe, and object-oriented.


JavaScript is different from the Java language. This is also one of the most powerful languages all over the world. The language makes the web pages interactive by rejuvenating them. It functions to create pop-ups on the web pages and effects on the web pages. However, this is a scripting language used by almost all web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. Mostly, all the major browsers use the language to add features for the user experience.


C++ is an object-oriented programming language known as C-plus-plus. The C++ contains a long list of applications in it like MongoDB databases, Adobe and Microsoft applications, Mac OS/X, etc. However, it is the best language for the development of twitch game and processing of the audio and visuals.


Python is very easy to learn the language. The language is capable of interfacing with almost all other languages. The language is based on the precompiled libraries. It complies with the support of numerous other libraries available as open source. Python is an open source language. One can easily modify or enhance it for the application-customized purpose. However, this feature of python language makes it popular among budding programmers. Python is one of the best and easy languages for the machine learning language. Python has the most elaborated library or set of libraries, which are available for the public domain.


PHP was not actually a programming language. Firstly, its design as a set of tools helps to maintain the Personal Home Page (PHP). However, in today’s time, PHP language is running on many servers. Its uses in creating written web pages in HTML. Therefore, the language is popular for its ease to use it by the budding programmers. Moreover, it also offers some advanced elements for programs for the experience of people.

iOS Swift

A few years back, Apple decided to launch its own programming language. Hence, Apple invented iOS and OS to launch their new applications. However, many elements of Swift are similar to other programming languages like C and C++. Also, with the passing time, companies like LinkedIn and American Airlines adopted Swift. Therefore, it estimates that in the coming years this language will rise exponentially.

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