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How to choose Top Engineering Branch?

Tips to Select Top Engineering Branch

Every year the number of graduates in engineering is increasing. This is because of the regular increase in the number of Top Engineering Colleges, top engineering branches and the trend and craze among the students and parents to pursue the technical and skillful field. Most of the students in engineering choose this because of the intolerable peer pressure. On the other hand, some of the students have a doubt for their selection in a suitable branch of engineering.

In earlier days, there were only core branches like Civil, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering. But now, time has changed. Students, today, have numerous choices and it is rapidly increasing every day. It is further increasing the confusion in selecting the best suitable choice of discipline. Even some of the aspirants or engineers are not aware of the newly introduced branches. With this, the competition among the students for jobs is also increasing.

Every year, students work hard in preparing to get a seat in top engineering colleges for them. Now, it is time to think about the list of engineering disciplines and make an offer to your own self for your career. However, choosing the wrong branch might cause you trouble and you will be left with wasting all your time, money and resources.

It is not good to make your choice based on salary packages. In the entire decision-making process, the natural aptitude and interest of a candidate play a significant role. There are several parameters to be considered before choosing your branch in engineering.

A choice must match with the passion

The chosen branch of engineering must fulfill your interest. For instance, if you have an interest in software or computer programming, you must choose computer engineering. Similarly, if you have a passion to learn about mechanics, then you should go with mechanical engineering.

Look beyond four years of graduation

while choosing your engineering branch, it is important to consider your future plans. After completing a Bachelor's in Engineering, the number of student’s steps forward to pursue their higher studies. Therefore, choosing your branch for graduation requires you to consider the future scope for that particular branch or discipline. Students carrying interest in the research field must choose a course that offers great scope in research.

Expected career opportunities

If you have prepared your mind to do a job after completing your degree rather than going for higher studies, and then better go for options in engineering that offer you great interest in the subject along with numerous job opportunities and wide scope. If you wish to work in the government or public sector, you are open to prefer a major branch of engineering having the scope of working in the public sector enterprises or PSEs.

Never avoid your counselling rounds

It is quite essential for each and every engineering aspirant to attend all the counseling sessions, before selecting their field in the Best Engineering College. Even, there are cases where you will not get selected for the desired branch or college in the very first round of your counseling. However, if you wait for further counseling rounds enable you to upgrade your choices. In this way, you will get allotted with the desired branch or college of your choice.

Field trips

Try to do a field trip before selecting a desired engineering branch. You must visit your workplace/ office/ industrial site related to the desired or selected branch. For instance, if you have chosen chemical engineering, then you must visit a chemical industrial part. In this way, you can learn and understand the environment, working conditions, and patterns in which you have to work in your future. Also, you can meet professionals over there and discuss your queries with him/her.

Job expectations

There is no use of an engineering degree if you cannot be able to find a suitable job for you in the industry. With time, the job market fluctuates and a recession in job results in joblessness. There are certain branches in engineering that regularly gets affected by it.

For instance, Information Technology or IT industry struggles a lot in the job recessions. But this is not always a case in IT. Still, many engineers struggle to land good jobs during hard times. It mainly depends on your capabilities, knowledge, and experiences. Therefore, remember the job prospects related to that branch while choosing your engineering branch.

Core branches of specialization

You need to stick to core branches if you are interested in getting a government job. Whereas by choosing modern courses and increase focus on specialization offers opportunities to an individual in the private sector. Considering your dreams completely depends on the type of work you wish to do and the sectors or industries where you wish to go. You are always required to focus on what is right for you instead of only choosing the popular one.

Talk to old students

Talking with passed out students of your chosen stream can help you in making a choice about what the course includes and what are the opportunities in it. It is always valuable to get first-hand knowledge and it should always help you in making a great decision.

Also, you should make points on placements facilities of the college along with the organizations that visit the college in order to discuss with them. Whatever information you take from the students must be analyzed properly and later you must understand the streams that are worth opting during the time of admissions.


Every branch of engineering carries the different potential to offer a golden career to the students. Along with the different branches of engineering, the best engineering college from where the students pursue their studies is equally important. The college must have good faculties with good and satisfactory placement records.

Above mentioned are some of the important factors to consider by the engineering aspirant before a candidate chooses their branch.

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