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How to Become a Web Developer

Useful Tips to become a Web Developer

The web developer is a new revolution in the tech industry. Web developer initiated many new job opportunities for the students interested in building websites. Arya College of Engineering and IT support their students to follow their passion instead of forcing them to be an engineer. ACEIT (Arya College Jaipur) is one of the best engineering colleges in Jaipur.

Therefore, today I am going to tell you some ways to become a Web developer. The ways are:

Basics of Java, CSS, and HTML

These three are the most prominent key to website development. You are going to use them on a daily routine if you have decided to become a web developer. The functions of all three are:

HTML directs the structure

CSS will help it to look appealing

JavaScript will make it functional.

WordPress Tutorials

You should be familiar with WordPress if you wish to be a web developer. WordPress power a large number of websites as it is a free open source software. Any web host can install it.

Adding WordPress to the website will facilitate the clients, as it will enable them to add content on their own.

Basics of UI and UX

UI and UX are the essences of the user experience design. These two domains will make you the designing expert. The fundamental knowledge of these user experience design will make a better understanding of the working of the website. It will help in the engagement of the user on your site.

To learn to the basic designing skills, you can use Adobe Suite or Photoshop. This software will develop you as a professional designer.


The SQL and PHP are the two side of a coin. SQL is a technology of database that is used to store information while PHP is known as a scripting language that put or pull material from the database.

In the case of WordPress, SQL is used to store the information in a database whereas, PHP makes a website dynamic and interacting with the help of variant elements. SQL and PHP knowledge will make you the master of WordPress site development.

Basics of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an operation to enhance and upgrade the rankings of a website in the search engines. SEO is the prior skills for online business. Although the larger portion of the website is about the content, the structure and code also play a major role.

It is not important to become an SEO expert. However, the basic knowledge of the SEO while building the website is important. It will raise your success rate.

The site should be Responsive

The responsive nature of the website is the most prominent thing while creating your own website. The responsive nature of the website signifies that whether the user is using a laptop or mobile phone; the element should adjust itself according to the screen ratio.

With the growing time, the need for the responsive design seems crucial. Therefore, make sure your website is responsive.

These steps will guide you during the initial stage of the website development. So, consider these steps, if you aspire to become a web developer. Arya College Jaipur is one of the most prominent engineering colleges, which provide the knowledge of other sectors of the technology industry besides the core knowledge of engineering courses.

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