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How manufacturing is entering a new era?

Global manufacturing with a new age revolution

Manufacturing is in the midst of a period of extraordinary change, as it is transitioning from the industrial age to the information age. However, the manufacturers will prove best able to capture value in the middle of this transition and can best manage complexity and embrace flexibility. A new layer of manufacturing software has emerged with age.

The world's biggest machine

The modern manufacturing operation is a complex and adaptive system. However, this system cannot be fully understood by examining its individual components. Here thousands of individual workers interact with global supply chains and automated equipment to produce different products.

These operations are full of intelligent decision-makers. However, it varies from the associates tasked with performing the work, to the engineers of Top Engineering Colleges who must ensure its continuous operation. Each of these decision-makers constantly absorbs new information from their surroundings and adapts their behavior to best accomplish their objectives. In this sort of complex system, shifting conditions in the operation create a non-linear impact on the production.

How many variables can we solve for?

Every manufacturing operation can be processed to a sequence of actions that each adds incremental value to a product. However, roles like industrial, process and quality engineers of B Tech Collegesexist to try to find the optimum state that balances creativity with market demand while incurring as few operational expenses as possible.

Historically, manufacturing sees as a relatively static system. Manufacturing engineers would attempt to determine the various inputs to the system and achieve the most efficient process.

Technology increases capabilities, which increase the complexity

The introduction of new technology increased the options available to the manufacturer. However, with each new technology introduced into the static system, an individual saw an exponential increase in the total number of possible combinations. After all, it has to consider the achievement of the optimal design.

In some situations, it becomes impossible to conceptualize the system of operations and the associated interdependencies. The combined mechanical system was the manufacturing value chain. It fragments into various sub-systems and put down to different sets of stakeholders. Each of them combined with optimizing their small piece while possessing only a limited view over its impact on the system as a whole.

So where is manufacturing tech going?

Modern manufacturing operations are complex. Problems emerge in unexpected ways and minor changes in the system can have non-linear consequences on cost and production. However, these systems cannot be fully understood by studying their individual parts. They are full of intelligent decision-makers able to constantly absorb new information and continuously improve their solution in response to their shifting environment.

In this new era, manufacturers are able to best manage complexity by embracing technologies. However, it encourages decentralized decision making that will have a sustained competitive advantage over the industry.

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