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How Electrical Engineers are making the World a Better Place?

Electrical Engineers Introduction

From light bulbs to mobile phones and from Television to GPS, new-age advances in Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineers of Top Engineering Colleges have informed and connected the world.

How Electrical Engineering is making the world a Better Place?

The light bulb

Two scientists named Thomas Edison, and a British scientist Joseph Swan invented the light bulb in the year 1878. The duo developed luminous light bulbs in their nations.


The Faraday’s Direct current system progressed by the discovery of the alternating currents by Nikola Tulsa in the year 1887. Nikola also credited with the discovery of the polyphase distribution system. That witnessed meaningful in the transmission of power to the electric AC motors.


The present most famous and important Philo Farnsworth invented household electronic gadgets in the year 1928. He made the first public demo of an electrical television this year. Such public display led to a few countries creating televised broadcasts in the early 1930′s. Though, the end of the First World War saw a rapid increase in the televised broadcast subscription all over the world.


It was not until the year 1941 when Konrad Zuse created the world’s first programmable computer dubbed the Z3. These developments were essential as they saw the development of other land breaking technologies which include the NASA Apollo mission.


The latest long-distance telephone services were made possible with the invention of satellites in the year 1979. The modern satellite improved the establishment of the satellite communication launched in Tokyo in the 1990′s. This era saw a huge drop in the prices of the commercial satellite transponders channels that saw a drastic increase in satellite communications which includes mobile satellite phones, television, and the satellite internet.

Smartphones and Wi-Fi

The early years of the 21st century saw an increase in the development & use of smartphones. These phones were used first in Japan in the year 1999 but saw a global perspicacity in mid-2000 to become the standard type of mobile phones at present.

Future of electrical engineering

Constant advancements in electrical engineering along with electronic engineers poised to develop flexible smartphones with holographic displays. This will permit the viewing of the 3D images by some users from various sides of the gadget without using 3-D glasses. At present, drones used in photography, military, and in reconnaissance. However, advancements in drones’ technology will permit a new series of wall climbing drones that can overcome any hurdle using the perching mechanism. The smartwatches in the future will not need to be touched on their screen as they will have sensitive receivers & special ring transforming tactile contacts into signals. Electrical engineers of Best Engineering Colleges in the Future need to do collaboration across industries.

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