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How different generations use the internet for Digital Awareness?

Digital Awareness by graduates of Engineering Colleges

People having digital awareness usually carry different opinions and understanding of the Internet of Things. Depending on their occupation, students of Engineering Colleges might associate IoT with industrial automation and robotics. Most of the people might focus on their Smartphone and the other smart-devices throughout their homes.

In simpler terms, some people use IoT differently than others. Its flexibility allows both in the home and in the workplace make it possible to connect with each other in new and innovative ways. The use of the internet varies even between different generations and age groups.

Generation Z

Although Millennial dominates most of the spotlight, those belonging to Generation Z finally start to come of age. Students of Top Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan who are born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s, they currently make up approximately 25 percent of the workforce.

Generation Z uses IoT for social media primarily and staying in touch with friends. Most of their social circles shrinking during this period, sites like Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter provide a fun and easy way to keep in touch.

Many students of B Tech Colleges also belong to Generation Z. They tend to use specialty platforms and applications. It includes personal virtual assistants like Cortana and Alexa and music streaming services.


Millennial are sometimes known as Generation Y. They fall directly before Generation Z in the timeline. It primarily describes individuals of Top Engineering Colleges born between 1980 and 1995. Some of them are still in college, many of them have moved on to start long-term careers and lead productive lives.

The Millennial Generation is very much tech-savvy. Some credit them with the inception of IoT in the first place. Major numbers of millennial respondents do not own any IoT devices.

Generation X

Generation X is less precise than Millennial or Gen Z. It mostly includes students of Top Private Engineering Colleges born between 1960 and 1980 in this demographic. In many ways, Generation X is on the front lines of IoT’s arrival.

A majority of the benefits come to factories using IoT for operations management or predictive maintenance and cities. It utilizes large-scale networks for tasks like traffic control and public safety. Moreover, Generation X enjoys IoT-connected fitness devices. In contrast, only 47 percent of Millennial showed an interest in these devices.

Baby Boomers

A large number of students of Top 10 Engineering Colleges was born between the years of 1946 and 1964. Collectively, this group comprises the Baby Boomers. Their age makes them the butt of techie jokes, but many of them live in tech-driven smart homes. With this, most of them improve their quality of living.

The technology behind IoT is getting more advanced. It is easy to see why a Boomer would want to safeguard their home with the latest gadgets and interconnected safety devices. But an innovation known as “ambient intelligence” is making their homes even smarter and more sophisticated.

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