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Google Templates for Business

Google - Templates for Business

Google’s suite of apps is popular across several verticals including education and small business. A free price tag, coupled with seamless collaboration capacity, attracts over millions of users around the world. As for Google docs, Google slides, or Google sheets. You can either start from scratch or opt for ready-to-go templates to get things done.

If you are just starting your business from home or an office. We have compiled the top Google templates that you can utilise for your business purposes. The company does provide a few build-in templates to start with. But they are basic and won’t cover every use scenario. That’s where the third-party templates from the web come into play.

Inventory Template

If your business involves tracking the huge number of items in the warehouse, then the inventory template can be the perfect match for you. The neatly designed template lets you add bar-code number, stock location, quantity required/id/ordered, date of placed orders, and more. It’s an efficient way to keep track of items and stock.

Customer relationship management template

This one is suitable for CRM activities like retaining, making follow -up with clients, and developing a new client base for your business. The opportunity tab is for potential future clients with relevant details to close the deal over the call.

Project timeline template

I think this one suits all businesses, especially start-ups. I know there are dedicated project management apps out there, but they can expensive in the long run, given the charges per team can divide the project into different stages, add details, keep track of progress with charts, and share the template with team members to keep everyone in the loop.

Car rental receipt- this Google template might be useful for you. You can add info like name, address, contact number, start/end date, miles, deposits, and more.

Tours and travel quotation-this Google template and quickly fill up details like customer name, airfare, tax, passenger charges, visa charges, and share it with a customer or make a print of it.

Software as a services company

This template can be the relevant tool for you to stats and information. One can add new visitors, signups, divide them in paid or free users, look at the organic growth, and more.

Food order receipts

This Google template lets you fill-up details like the order number, order date, food item, quantity, and even provide space for a signature. Use it to fill in blanks a hand out bills to customers.

The major use cases with businesses and small firms, improve overall productivity and be ready to take your business to the next level.

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