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Different views on education with a world of knowledge

What are the ways education powers a better world

Education comes in many forms depending on how you look at it. The views on education, its look, and the materials depend on the value and experience of it. However, the students must dictate their self on what they learned instead of hesitantly consuming information and standards imposed upon them.

In an around every corner, inside every well-engineered lesson, students of Engineering Colleges might just learn what they want to learn and actually find success while improving the world around them.

Different views on education that must change

From the ground up

Sir Ken Robinson created a campaign that can change views on education through talks, writing, advising, and teaching. He believes education must change because it is a stable environment in which most of the students of B Tech Colleges do not really learn what they should or want to learn. How that happens creates all the difference. People, students, and teachers create the change, not the administrators or the executives.

Social Networking

With the growth in the social networking industry, Technorati last tracked about 70 million updated blogs, using social networking to teach any subject. However, it sends students into reality than the constant learning. It combines traditional education with modern communication. Many educators believe that this is the route to engage students in learning all the basic skills they need.

Talking Education

Educators believe using talking or videos to review lessons and teach concepts helps students of Top Engineering Colleges learn and retain more. Between TedEd and TeacherTube, education talks a lot about everything. In addition, students love movement, television, and film and utilize a bit of information that transforms the meaning of learning.

Underground education

According to John Taylor Gatto, teachers should choose the real world over the classroom. Students do not learn to live or survive in a classroom. However, they learn to survive in the real world so the concept of underground education challenges educators in any walk of life. It provides the tools to live and breathe in the world around them.


It is an organization that promotes self-reliance and earth democracy. However, the leaders of the organization are women who find strength in women’s movements and give women a voice. Earth democracy developed from the idea of seed saving helping local communities become self-reliant.

Social Status

Status plays an underlying role in the education of a small or large group of people, no matter whether it is an entire country’s agenda or certain sections or communities within that country. In other words, if that community puts importance on education as a social benefit, students and people in that community will strive to achieve it in order to raise their status in the community.

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