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Critical aspects of digital forensics in the cyber world

How cyber forensics can make or break your B Tech career?

Technology advancements are relying on computers and other devices in their day-to-day life. It helps B Tech students in managing finances to international communication. Unfortunately, technology has evolved into a double edge sword, initiating a new platform for crime, known as cybercrime.

In the cyber world, the use of the internet has been growing and usage of digital devices like laptops, mobiles have increased. Nowadays, crime is happening with the help of digital devices like phishing attack and is popular as Cybercrime. To check cybercrime or cyber offense, there is a cyber-law. Legally admissible digital evidence requires by the students of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur to investigate cybercrimes; the act of collecting such digital evidence and material found in digital devices is called digital forensics.

Functions of cyber forensics

Professionals from B Tech College in Jaipur can dig up the deleted files, hidden files, protected files, encrypted files with digital forensics tools like Encase, FTK imager, Magnet Axiom, Write-Blocker, MOBILedit, etc.

Cyber forensics analysts basically work in a large variety of areas. It includes government organizations like federal and local law enforcement institutions. Their primary role is to retrieve erased, hidden, and destroyed data from different devices. In addition, it includes computers, mobile phones, laptops, USBs, and other storage and computing devices. However, the analysis and restoration to its original state allow the students of Top Private Engineering Colleges in India to use digital evidence s in legal proceedings or by government officials for national security purposes.

Role of cyber forensic analyst

The role of a cyber forensics analyst is significant in ensuring the safety of the public, as it is not an easy field. In other words, it requires high amounts of applications and skills and the application of advanced techniques. Similar to other law enforcement investigation, cyber forensic analysts must follow certain procedures to ensure the follow up of best practices by the experts from Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. Undermentioned are some steps that conduct a cyber forensic investigation:

  1. Establishing a Policy - Digital evidence is highly sensitive and requires extreme care for handling. In order to ensure no evidence is lost, policies ensure safe retrieval of digital evidence for the students of Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. This includes preparing systems prior to the retrieval of evidence, the storage of evidence acquired. Also, assessing the case at hand, documentation of activities, obtaining warrants and authorization, etc.
  2. Assessing Potential Evidence - It is significant that the cyber forensics analyst from a Best B Tech College in Jaipur first gains a clear understanding of the details of the case. They must also classify the cybercrime at hand. This means assessing different types of evidence before attempting to retrieve the evidence.
  3. Gathering Digital Evidence - The recovery of digital evidence requires technical skills and a detailed plan. There are few techniques that can retrieve hidden or lost data on a system. It includes data acquisition, file recovery, password cracking, steganography, and log capturing. There are also a wide variety of tools that students of B Tech Colleges in Jaipur use during the process to avoid damaging files.

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