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What are the latest significant inventions by Electrical Engineers?

The inventions by Electrical Engineers

The electrical engineering industry is under an important paradigm shift. Ambitious research and development departments across the globe are working towards better ways to obtain, store, and use electrical energy. Despite significant strides in the last few years, the electrical engineering industry is not showing any signs of slowing down. Some of the most noteworthy industry trends for the students of best electrical engineering colleges in Jaipur in 2022 are as follows:

  1. Smart Grids

Consumers solely depended on a local electrical power company; they have many options. With the ability to generate their own power, some consumers want to sell their surplus. Consequently, the electricity delivery infrastructure has to change. 

In response to these demands, most Energy Departments all over the world are placing smart devices throughout their networks, right up to customers’ homes, offices, and factories. The smart grid collects valuable data and enables both consumers and suppliers a higher degree of control over multiple power sources. Also, it allows students of top engineering colleges in Jaipur to predict surges in usage and instantly detect outages.

  1. Wireless Power Transfer

Wireless power transfer is in its initial stages, but the future is bright. In 2022, you can expect better wireless charging for laptops, earphones, smartphones, and other smart devices. However, wireless charging will also become the standard for electric cars soon. Instead of the large charging docks, drivers can park on a charging spot without any need to plug in. 

  1. Wireless Wearable Tech

Wearables in electrical engineering are literally lifesavers as well. An excellent example is Proxxi bracelets for electrical engineers of engineering colleges Jaipur with a sensor that vibrates if it gets too close to high-voltage electricity. Also, SolePower developed boots that are built with temperature sensing, cloud connectivity, lighting, and GPS to provide a warning for overheating, proximity to danger, and falls.

Furthermore, wearable devices are being developed to authenticate access to electrical machinery and further provide communications information without using mobile phones. This will improve the overall safety of electrical engineers.

  1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has penetrated large industries like medicine and armaments. Electrical engineers of private engineering college in Jaipur are expected to do much better with AI. By blending their prowess and skill with the know-how of AI and machine learning, electrical engineers are creating complex algorithms for data interpretation, generating new codes or revamping existing codes, building massive AI and machine learning platforms, and developing comprehensive strategies in the field of electronics

Artificial intelligence can help electrical engineers with image processing. Engineers can invent complex image processing algorithms and enable machines to detect electrical or structural abnormalities on a framework and quickly send feedback or suggest rectifications.

  1. The Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT impacts different areas of the electrical engineering landscape. From smart grids to smart lighting and Visible Light Communication (VLC), among many others, IoT is now interconnected with the electrical engineering industry. Consequently, it is now essential that every electrical engineer becomes “IoT literate.”

Apart from the smart grid benefits like monitoring, distribution and automation implemented in electrical utilities, IoT applications in the field of electrical energy includes smart inverters, remote control operation of energy-consuming devices, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) for the students of best electrical engineering colleges in Jaipur.

  1. Increased use of Drones

While thinking of drones, you probably think of the entertainment industry, shooting music videos and movies. The application of drones goes far beyond the industry of entertainment. A recent survey has shown that the engineering and construction industries use drones the most. 

Electrical engineers of BTech electrical engineering colleges in Jaipur are using drones to examine certain hazardous electrical zones without putting themselves at risk. This provides much-needed safety in the electrical engineering sector. Moreover, drones are now helping to record, collect, and analyze data at the job site, thus increasing productivity and efficiency. 

  1. A boost in the implementation of sustainable energy

Every time is not the best time for the energy sector to rely on fossil fuels and other environmentally unfriendly energy sources. The drive for sustainable energy sources is at the highest peak. The implementation of utility-scale renewable fuels like wind, solar, and hydropower is, at its peak increase all across the globe.

  1. Energy storage and better batteries

Wind and solar power are wonderful sources of sustainable energy. Therefore, they have to do their best to save energy from the wind, the sun, or any other renewable sources for later use. To meet this demand, electrical engineers of the list of engineering colleges in Jaipur all around the world are working towards better batteries and energy storage. Distributed Energy Resource (DER), grid parity, blockchain, AI and sustainable energy, and cybersecurity. Generally, 2022 is an exciting year for the electrical engineering landscape. Companies like Tesla, Sonnen, Eos, and Vivint Solar are some to keep an eye on for the latest innovations.

  1. Robotics

While robotics-based technologies are often disgraced for stealing people’s jobs in most industries, it is a different case in electrical engineering. Robotics importantly help to improve safety. For instance, wireless underground cable cutters, remotely controlled, can be used instead of putting humans at life-threatening risk.


Electrical engineers have a lot on their demand, and we cannot wait for all these awesome innovations to reach their full potential. These trends will lead individuals toward the future. Unexpectedly, where the lights never go out, a world whereby everything is more comfortable, efficient, and affordable.

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