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What are the different career roles for a Data Science Engineer

Most in-demand Job Roles for a Data Science Engineer

Today’s world revolves around data. Every time we use our smartphones or log into our computers, we leave a trail of data behind us. That data holds key insights into our behavior, our likes and dislikes, and the products we purchase. By hiring skilled individuals from top engineering colleges in Jaipur to perform careful analysis and uncover trends, improve business practices, and make more profitable decisions.

With data becoming increasingly important to companies bottom lines, data scientists are some of the most valuable individuals in the professional world today. But with more open roles in the field than ever before, the initial excitement from seeing all those job postings can quickly turn to anxiety when you realize just how many options are out there.

Data science teams are constantly faced with complex problems they need to solve using data. Whether it is analyzing the sentiment of incoming communications, tracking sales leads, or devising a new marketing campaign, there are a variety of data science jobs assigned to perform the myriad processes required of the field. While many of these positions share some of the same tools and responsibilities, the day-to-day experience for each can vary drastically.

Some of the most in-demand data science jobs to get a better understanding of how they fit into their respective teams are as follows:

1. Data Analyst

As a typical entry-level position, a Data Analyst’s primary job is to develop systems that collect and sift through company data, then use it to extract insights that answer business questions with actionable solutions. Individuals of best engineering colleges in Jaipur in this role should have a keen eye for detail and the ability to brainstorm new approaches to analyzing data. Often times, Data Analysts are tapped to work with a variety of departments and individuals, so collaboration and communication skills are a must, especially when explaining technical ideas to non-technical teams.

2. Data Scientist

Data Scientists take on many of the same responsibilities as analysts, but they are also responsible for building machine learning models and working with algorithms to make accurate predictions based on collected data ultimately making Data Analysts’ jobs a little easier. Of course, it is always good to know how analysis fits into the larger picture, and successful Data Scientists have a solid understanding of handling raw data, analyzing it, and sharing insights in a compelling way. Since the role tends to be more independent, motivation and curiosity go a long way for these professionals.

3. Business Analyst

In order for Data Analysts’ insights to be communicated throughout a company, it is up to the Business Analyst to use storytelling techniques to turn them into actionable business insights. The main goal for individuals of Engineering Colleges Jaipur in this role is to facilitate potential solutions to organizational problems, but they should also be prepared to take on additional responsibilities like quality assurance and management. Needless to say, time management and prioritization are common traits shared among successful Business Analysts and you are not likely to get hired as one without them. While it is not a heavily tech-focused role, understanding how to apply a variety of business processes using high-level strategic thinking is a crucial skill for these data science specialists.

4. Software Engineer

Nowadays, most software companies want to leverage their users’ data to optimize their offerings, while data-driven businesses have turned to creating custom software built around their specific needs or goals. That’s where Software Engineers come in. Depending on the type of company, a Software Engineer of Computer Science Engineering Colleges might be tasked with optimizing certain product features based on user data, or they might be responsible for building a new program that will ultimately increase a company’s bottom line. Needless to say, individuals holding these roles should be well-versed in programming and data analytics to truly be successful.

5. Marketing Data Scientist

When a company builds a new campaign, it’s up to the Marketing Data Scientist to analyze company data and user research to inform the marketing strategy around the launch and measure its outcomes. On a granular level, this could involve anything from email marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) to web analytics and growth hacking and everything in between. To be a successful Marketing Data Scientist, candidates need to have the ability to leverage data to enhance key marketing components and achieve desired company outcomes. Because market data tends to change rapidly, Marketing Data Scientists should be able to adapt to the pace at which campaigns progress.

6. Machine Learning Engineer

While Data Scientists of private engineering colleges in Jaipur build a company’s machine learning models and Data Analysts determine which data is worthy of exploring, it’s the Machine Learning Engineer who wrangles and applies the algorithms to the datasets. Usually, the ultimate goal for individuals in this role is to eventually create artificial intelligence. There’s plenty of trial-and-error involved in the job, so persistence and resilience are key contributors to success. In addition, having a solid understanding of how long it takes to apply various approaches will also prove advantageous in this field.


Now that you have a better understanding of how the data science field works, including the individual roles you might find on a data science team, you can better determine where your skills fit into the larger picture.

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