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Technology can replace human – How?

Artificial intelligence is improving rapidly, and a lot of people are worried that it will lead to massive job losses. In the past, technology mostly displaced workers doing routine tasks or manual labor. But as software becomes more sophisticated, there is a growing prospect that truck drivers, teachers, and perhaps even doctors could see their jobs replaced by a robot, computer program, or any type of technology.

According to the research conducted by the students of top engineering colleges in Jaipur, software and robots really will massively boost economic productivity. On the contrary, a giant glut of underemployed workers will make it harder to bargain for higher pay. Information technology and machine learning have the potential to change the way we do almost everything. They are going to change transportation with driverless cars. There is also the possibility of transforming all sorts of service industries. Some instances can set hard limit on wages for lots of people like talking to something like Siri is similar to talking to someone in person, or computers can parse human language and perform common sense answers, etc.
There is a therapy uniquely suited to humans. In a lot of ways, people might feel more open talking about difficult topics with a skilled AI than they would with a person. That might be true of medical diagnosis as well. Things that you are embarrassed to discuss with a doctor you could talk to a computer about. As with electricity, it is hard to know what all the applications are going to be.

Replace a service with an automated version

Consider an exercise video as an automated version of a fitness class. People 40 years ago might have said if everyone has a DVD player, fitness instructors were all going to go out of business because everyone will get a $20 DVD instead of paying $10 for each class. People like getting instruction from a flesh-and-blood human being. There is a motivational element. And it is more fun to work out in a room full of other people instead of by yourself at home. If face-to-face interaction is a key part of what you are paying for, then an automated version might not be so appealing.

How different components of jobs matter?

Computer programs are going to get better at playing some of these roles. As gamers will tell you, programmers of top engineering colleges in Jaipur can be pretty skilled at finding ways to motivate people to feel like they are interacting with humans even when they are dealing with an AI. There are some technologies like Xbox Kinect, which shows what you are doing and then is able to tailor feedback to you individually. Maybe someone will pair
that with some kind of bot or personality that you come to see as your instructor in a way that is maybe not quite as good as a human instructor but sure to be much, much cheaper. Child care seems like another industry with very limited opportunities for automation. Parents want their kids interacting with other caring adults, not computer screens or robots. With better technology, it becomes easier to say that we are going to go from the preschool
where there are five humans working all the time to this other one where there is one skilled overseer and AI or robots do most of the work.

Is it good to interact with computers?

Lots of parents strictly limit kids "screen time" because they think too much of it is harmful. Most parents will see love and attention from a human being as essential in any child care service. But in some parts of the country, things do not work quite the same. Parents dump their kids in places where they do not get a lot of hands-on attention and stimulus. A lot of people are really good at taking care of the kids, but they do not necessarily have the skills to teach the kids a computer language. There are lots of scope for machine learning and robots to get better at this sort of thing.

At the beginning, MOOCs are going to displace the things that look most like them. Most of the degree courses that people are taking are not at competitive institutions or any engineering college Jaipur. They are not taught by highly skilled professors who are publishing research. They are generally following a preset curriculum without a lot of value added by the professor. This system is flexible as it lets you repeat a course over and over again.

Can technology replace humans?

People are also worried about their future as they believe that it can replace humans. Though Tech is something that lessens manual function with more efficiency and fewer errors but still when it eliminates certain work its humans who have thousand more options and open doors that it even does not know that exists. But we can completely deny that because various companies are developing their artificial intelligence and robotic expertise with the idea to Cut cost, increase efficiency, offer new value proposition, Execute new business model, etc.

1. Artificial intelligence

Students of best private engineering colleges in Jaipur believe that artificial intelligence makes us more efficient like a superhuman. It makes us free from doing repetitive tasks. AI is not smart enough to do creative and innovative work. It allows us to be better at our jobs by making us more human and creates new industries and jobs. But still the biggest thing than AI cannot replace is doctors because even if it replaces, we would not believe. When it comes to medicine we want to continue dealing with highly educated people even if machine could do a proper diagnosis or treatment. Thus, people still matters and that is important to know that even in scenarios it does not mean that we as humans do not want to interact with humans instead of machines.

2. Robots

Research conducted by the students of best BTech colleges shows that there is a possibility that robots can replace 20 million factory jobs by 2030 but they also added that robots are just machinery and there is possibility of more errors, problems and damages Though some of the jobs can be eliminated but it will also create the new ones and can make the work done by humans more thoughtful and rewarding.

It is found that tech and humans both can work together. As robots and AI, itself is created by humans. They are the tools that work when humans give instruction to them. The idea that it will replace the need for creative thinking, problem solving, leadership, teamwork.


So, AI and humans can evolve together is coming future. Humans will train machines and machines will help humans. By working together, they can improve day to day productivity, enhance data analytics and can also improve decision making. So, it would be better that technology and humans can work together rather than replacing.

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