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Is MBA only for the commerce students or not?

MBA is only for commerce students?

Today, it is easy to pursue MBA in any specialisation regardless of any commerce background. Students from various fields like B. Tech CSE, B. Tech mechanical and many other pursue MBA from top MBA colleges Jaipur. An individual must clear an equivalent test for admission in 2022. One must have a good percentile or rank in any of these exams like CMAT, XAT or CAT. In some private universities, these tests are not necessary. Instead, they have their own test for eligibility and sometimes these CAT like test provides scholarship as per the rank and score.

With the growth in multinational corporations and brands, new challenges are emerging every day. The business industry requires adequate skilled professionals to find solutions to these business issues. A degree programme in Business Administration helps you find solutions to such challenges. Before beginning this journey, you must hold a Bachelor’s degree. But an MBA is the right choice for a B. Com graduate.

Commerce is one of the oldest degree options offered in Indian colleges. It is considered as a sought-after career in the field of commerce. After completing graduation in commerce, there is a wide range of programmes and professions that she/ he can go for. 

How MBA is good for commerce graduates? 

  1. Easy to grab curriculum 

The career in Commerce degree offers basic knowledge of economics, marketing, business planning, finance, accounting and many similar subjects. Being acquainted with these subjects lets you pursue different jobs in various fields like banking, insurance, law, accounting, advertising, etc. Students of best MBA colleges in Jaipur can choose a graduate programme from a number of options present for a commerce graduate but, doing an MBA would be a great option. This is because, the curriculum of MBA is created in a way that it becomes easy for a commerce person to grasp.

  1. Plethora of specialization

An individual has many specialisations during your bachelor’s in Commerce degree. Some of them are Marketing, Taxation, Computers, etc. Mostly, there is a general degree that provides knowledge in Commerce and Business. Thus, if an individual pursue education based on a specific industry or profession and you feel that commerce did not offer you a specialist track, then choosing an MBA would be the best option for you. The Master in Business Administration programme from MBA colleges Jaipur targets a number of specialisations from Finance to Marketing to HR to Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Keep in mind, it will never leave you out of options. In fact, you might even get confused for the options from so many specialisations. 

  1. Building leadership and managerial acumen

An MBA is a recognised and highly credible degree that includes industry-wise acceptability. There are numerous employers that exclusively hire MBA graduates for managerial and leadership roles. As per the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council), corporate recruiters signal high demand for Business School graduates from across the globe. Candidates who have completed an advanced business administration degree from leading private MBA colleges in Jaipur are considered knowledgeable and competent by the recruiters. This is one of the many reasons why an MBA is good to pursue after commerce. 

The MBA degree lets you refine your conceptual, technical, decision-making and interpersonal skills that are crucial in almost every career field. Your strategic planning excellence and problem-solving capabilities will be required if you want to work as a corporate manager, start a new business venture or earn a promotion in your current organisation. 

  1. Career scope

A commerce degree provides you the fundamental business perspective which is enhanced after you pursue an MBA. These skills are used to get jobs in the private sector, public sector or non-profit sectors as well. There are various employment areas and job opportunities open for a commerce graduate. Some of your wide options can be banks, media, retail, consumer durable industry and whatnot.

Surprisingly, there are various job opportunities with your MBA degree with a commerce/ finance background. The powerful combination of these two degrees will make you stand out from the crowd. In today’s world, the job market is highly competitive. It is very easy for employers to overlook your applications for jobs. In such situations, your right academic qualification and credentials will let you obtain the best offer. This will convey your suitability for the jobs that are being offered.

  1. High salary 

Undoubtedly, one can earn a handsome salary after completing a degree in management from the list of MBA colleges in Jaipur. An MBA can increase your earnings to a great extent. Obtaining a high package becomes easier when you have completed your PG from. Your package can go very high as per your skills, experience and organization. Having a good experience and knowledge of the business world lets you start your own company. This would be the best option, if you are someone who likes to be their own boss. 

From equipping yourself with a deeper comprehension of the business landscape to enhancing your professional as well as personal growth, an MBA degree has many benefits. Thus, if you are keen to embark upon this career path of business and management, an MBA is the right choice for you.

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