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How can you be successful after BTech?

How can be an Engineer Successful?

Engineering is considered as the most demanding graduation course today. Choosing the right career can be confusing for many students. With various career opportunities available, you can make your career successful.

1. Campus Placement

Campus placement is the right option for graduates of Engineering Colleges who does not want to pursue further studies. Most colleges and institutes have the facility and do offer good placement opportunities. Apply for the excellent placement offers available in the campus and prepare well for them. Try to apply for jobs that interest you while considering the field of engineering you are studying so that you can shine in your chosen career. Campus
placements are on the rise every year with high packages being offered to candidates with above average performance during their college days.

2. Plan Further Studies with Specialization i.e., MTech

MTech is the next step to look into with a focus on specialization an individual wish to take up and excel in. Specialization at TOP MTECH COLLEGES IN JAIPUR will provide an edge over others at a later stage especially during job interviews. To pursue M.Tech from top organizations, Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is the exam to appear for. In addition, there are private universities that offer post-graduation through their own engineering entrance exams.

3. Business and Management degree i.e., MBA

Both Management and Business are popular areas amongst engineering graduates. Despite of having the technical knowhow, it’s time to equip yourself with management knowledge to help further in your career. Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is the most popular course and a largely pursued course for the students completed TOP ENGINEERING COLLEGES IN JAIPUR with a lot of scope. These specializations include HR, Marketing, Digital Marketing, International Relations, Sales and more.

4. Get expertise or certification - Diploma Courses

To make engineering your career and have an edge over the others without spending a lot of time on studying further, certification or diploma courses are the right options for the students of best engineering colleges in Jaipur. Courses like embedded technology, VLSI, robotics, ethical hacking, protocol testing, machine designing and more are some specialized courses to name a few. Most of them are job oriented and aimed at equipping specialized skills to your resume. These short-term courses will add more specialized educational qualifications to your resume.

5. Study Abroad

Usually, students wish to go abroad to study further. To explore and experience an entirely new culture while studying, then going abroad is the right option for you. While studying, students of private engineering colleges in Jaipur could also check the various fellowships in the research and development category available abroad. Many scholarships are open to graduates with full or half funding. Begin with the country you wish to go to, collate a list of

courses/colleges/universities to apply to. Check the eligibility or take the necessary steps to fulfill the criteria.

6. Be your Own Boss - Entrepreneurship:

With the success of many start-ups today, setting up your own business could be a good idea especially if you are someone with such an intent. This is one option after B. Tech that will let students of best BTech colleges in Jaipur have the freedom to express your creativity and ideas. However, starting your own business will require a lot of hard work, patience and the strength to put up with setbacks. The path will be full of challenges that you need to
overcome. Also, it requires a certain amount of financial backup.

7. Hobbies can lead to careers too

If nothing interests you as much as your hobby like music, dance, photography, writing etc, it is time for the students of the list of ENGINEERING COLLEGES IN JAIPUR to follow their heart and make a well-settled career. You should fully know where your hobby leads you to. With reality shows, competitions and YouTube, it’s great to see if your hobby can be pursued full time and pay for your living too. On the other hand, you may face more challenges in
establishing yourself and gaining recognition. However, you will get to pursue your passion and live it too.

Some of these options includes the following:

a. Teaching –

It is a noble profession and worth the effort. The downside is that there are lots of competition and a huge amount of effort involved in teaching. To become a professor at best engineering college, one can appear for the UGC NET exam or the CSIR NET one too. To be a school teacher in Government schools, the CTET and state conducts "Teachers Eligibility Tests (TET)" for the willing candidates.

b. Event Management -

With more destination and theme weddings, birthday parties as the rage, one of the most important jobs for an individual includes the management of such events. While there are no formal recognized courses for these, the best way is to join an event management company and see the various aspects that go into this.

c. Design -

This is one of the upcoming fields. Also, most technical fields require designing and some of the design specializations are for engineering students too. If you are someone with an aptitude for drawing and designing, you could choose this. From the automobile industry to mobile phone manufacturing, design plays a significant role. Some of the design specializations include industrial design, communication design etc.

d. Others -

Advertising and Media are areas where a creative mind with good ideas can make a mark. Most of the work here is digitized via computers. The animation is another area that can be looked at. Now, offbeat careers as gamers, tasters are coming to the fore.

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