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Automation Testing is good for your secure career after Engineering Why and Why not?

Automation Testing Good For Your Career

With the increasing technology, it will challenge organizations to manage the quality of their web applications. Due to the limited time window in agile development and cost factors, testing often misses out on the deserving attention. Lack of proper testing leads to fewer quality products, unsatisfied custom service, delayed delivery, and an increase in costs. 

Nobody denies the fact that the test engineers try to catch bugs or errors before releasing the product. However, deploy a quick fix post your migration to production, and then regression testing is introduced by the students of Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. Regression testing is time-consuming but relevant to maintaining product stability. 

In contrast to manual testing, automation testing is an effective way to improve the effectiveness and cover the testing process. It can speed up execution cycles, reduce human efforts, exempt testers from repetitive tasks, and provide instant feedback.

What is Automation Testing?

Automation testing includes an automated tool to execute a test case suite and predefined actions on a software application. The benefits of automation testing flourishes. The automation testing tool takes actual results and compares them with the expected result to generate detailed test reports.

Benefits of Automation Testing

There are certain benefits of automation testing to help students of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur eradicate the ambiguity on whether automation testing is the right choice for your organization.

1. Shift-left testing done better

Important benefits of automation testing are Shift-left testing. It is a part of continuous testing that conveys that the testing phase should be incorporated into the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), right from the requirement gathering phase to find bugs at an early stage. Shift-left testing enhance your product quality since it allows you to resolve bugs efficiently, improve test coverage, track everything on the go, automate repetitive tasks, and improve the tester-developer relationship.

2. Easy regression testing

Manual testing is time-consuming as testers have to repeat a set of similar test cases over the same period to ensure that the bug has been removed. Regression testing has been a pain point for the developers of private engineering colleges in Jaipur. Performing the same test over takes more time and further brings down the overall efficiency of a tester. Due to this, automation testing is the right way to perform regression testing. 

3. Ability to perform testing on multiple platforms in parallel

While developing a website, it is important to ensure cross browser compatibility over various browsers, hardware, networks, operating systems, and mobile devices. Performing browser compatibility testing requires the creation of unlimited test cases. Considering the number of browser versions available in the market, performing manual testing over hundreds of browsers + OS combinations may delay the processes of software release. However, an innumerable benefits of automation testing allows testers to execute tests on thousands of browsers, operating systems, and devices quickly and simultaneously.

4. Accelerate cross browser testing

Manual cross-browser testing may lead to various problems and challenges. In the case of manual testing, testers first identify the browser their web application must support. After preparing a checklist of all the browsers, they performs a single test on different browser + OS configurations to measure how well their web development efforts are weighing out. To prepare for every customer query, your website from legacy to the latest browser, manual cross-browser testing looks impossible.

5. Better smoke testing

Performing regular smoke testing can help students of engineering colleges to avoid outages and considered as a best practice. That is why, automation testing is quite necessary. The best automation testing benefits include automated test build depends your random smoke test scenarios. Today, you can efficiently perform smoke testing regularly.

6. Accessible data-driven testing

Data-driven testing is an important part of automation testing. It enables an individual to execute your test cases to validate functionalities that can be triggered with the involvement of numerous sets of data.

7. Maximize the test coverage

Manual testing can help individuals bring quality test cases. One of the important benefits of automation testing helps you maximize your test coverage. Automation testing tools can ease the testing by ensuring the software like databases, web services, UI, and many more. Later, it will improve the overall test coverage of a web application. With better test coverage, testers would like to understand more and less critical test cases for every application, get better traceability between the needed requirements and test cases generated, analyze the previous release, track every build cycle and project fixes, determine the EXIT criteria, and further improve the multitasking ability of every tester.


There could be more advantages of automation testing as the industry is immensely increasing around automation. However, these factors are beneficial for automation testing. It helps students of the List of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur share how automation testing has benefited your test cycles.

Also, consider that manual testing is always required for better automated test cases. Despite, all the advantages of automation testing, there is still a chance that you may fail to deliver your project effectively and efficiently. This is possible due to various factors, but the most complex and common factor is the wrong selection of your automation testing tool. Remember, automation testing is highly tool-dependent, and there are numerous vendors in the market to choose from.

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