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Best programming languages to learn-Trend 2020

Top Programming Languages

In today’s competitive world, programming is likely to become the most significant part of basic literacy. However, students of top engineering colleges in India get never satisfied by learning one type of engineering. Some languages are more widespread but no language answers all communication needs like programming. Every language has its own uses and sphere of application.

The most significant skill to learn today is to know how to write a computer program. Also, the computers have entered almost every industry like the digital speedometer in your bike, autopilot in an aircraft, or computers in various forms surround us. Computers are useful for every organization.

The developer and programming communities are emerging at a faster rate than ever before. With the advent of time, different new programming languages are available for different categories of developers, including beginners, intermediate, and experts for different use cases like a web application, mobile applications, game development, distributed system, etc. Beginners of top engineering colleges confused about the type of programming language they should choose. There are some of the best programming languages to learn in 2020 for better future prospects:

1. Python Programming Language

Python is the most popular programming language. The Language widely accepted as the best programming language to learn for the students of computer science engineering at Top B Tech Colleges. It is easy-to-use, fast, and easy-to-deploy programming language. It is further used to develop scalable web applications. There are some platforms that contain built-in programming languages like YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, SurveyMonkey.

Python provides excellent library support with a large developer community. The programming language provides a great starting point for beginners of engineering college. If you are looking for a better job, you should definitely learn Python. As a primary back-end stack, lots of startups are using Python. In addition, it opens up a huge opportunity for full-stack Python developers.

2. Java

Java is also a popular choice in large organizations. Also widely used for building enterprise-scale web applications. This programming language is extremely stable and many large enterprises have adopted it. Java is the language that students of the Best Engineering College learn in 2020 if you are looking for a development based job at a large organization. Also, it widely used in Android App Development.

Today, almost every business needs an Android Application owing to the fact that there are billions of Android users. This opens up huge opportunities for Java developers. Nobody can deny from the fact that Google has created an excellent Java-based Android development framework which is also popular as Android Studio. Java is easy to moderate and learn.

3. C/C++

C/C++ seems bread and butter of programming. Almost all low-level systems like file systems, operating systems, etc are written in C/C++. If students of Computer Science Engineering at Best B Tech College wish to be a system-level programmer, C/C++ is the language for them to learn. Also, widely used by competitive programmers owing to the fact that extremely fast and stable. C++ provides something called STL or Standard Template Library. In addition, STL is a pool of ready-to-use libraries for various data structures, arithmetic operations, and algorithms. The speed and library support of the language make it a popular choice in the High-frequency trading community as well.

4. JavaScript

JavaScript is the “frontend” type of programming language. It is used widely in order to design interactive front-end applications. For instance, if you click on a button which opens up a popup, the logic is implemented via JavaScript.

In today’s time, most of the organizations, especially startups, are using NodeJS which is a JavaScript-based run-time environment. Node.js allows developers of top engineering colleges to use JavaScript for server-side scripting and run scripts server-side to produce dynamic web page content before sending the page to the web browser of the user. Hence in this way, you can use a single programming language for server-side and client-side scripts. Also, if you are looking for a cool technology job at your favorite startup, you should consider learning JavaScript.

5. Go programming language

The programming language “Go” also known as Golang, built by Google. It provides excellent support for multi-threading. Therefore, Go used by a lot of companies that rely heavily on distributed systems. Also, Go widely used in startups in Silicon Valley. However, it is yet to be adopted by Indian startups or companies. Candidates who wish to join a Valley-based startup specializing in core systems should master Golang from top engineering college in Rajasthan.

6. R

R programming language - The most commonly used programming language for both machine learning and Data Analysis. It provides an excellent framework and built-in libraries in order to develop powerful Machine Learning algorithms. Also, R used for general statistical computing along with the graphics. This language has been well adopted by enterprises or big companies. Students who wish to join the “Analytics” team of a large organization should definitely learn R at Top B Tech College in Rajasthan.

7. Swift

Swift - the programming language used to develop iOS applications. IOS-based devices are becoming increasingly popular with time. For instance, Apple iPhone has captured an important market share and providing tough competition to Android. Therefore, students who wish to serve this community can learn Swift programming.

8. PHP Programming Language

PHP is one of the most popular back-end programming languages. Though PHP is facing tough competition from JavaScript and Python, the market still requires a large number of PHP developers. Students who wish to join a reasonably well old organization as a back-end developer should aim to learn PHP programming from Best Engineering College in Rajasthan.

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