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National Level Project Competition cum Exhibition at Arya

In today’s life, almost every aspect is impacted by the development of technologies through young and professionals engineers who dedicated their years in creating best resources for the society and the nation. But it is important to showcase their designs and construction, which is possible through exhibitions, held at different levels i.e. National or International.

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For this, Arya College of engineering and IT has organized two-day National level Electronics project Competition cum Exhibition for Electronics and Communication Engineering Department on 30th January 2018 and 31th January 2018. It was the mini-project held at department premises. The programme was inaugurated by our chief Guest Shri Somkant Sharma who is a well-known social activist. Also, DR. Anurag Agarwal has presented an honor and motivated students to demonstrate their creative ideas and hard-work in front of him.


The competition was started by dividing various numbers of teams. Each team was represented by different name and projects. There were more than 52 projects that were based on certain themes like Android, Applications, Bluetooth, Coding and Social Utility and their projects were water and fire sensor, home security, obstacle avoiding robot, voice command door, boost converter, etc. During the exhibition, all the students showed their enthusiasm, dedication and struggle they have faced during introducing that specific project.


All the projects were of good quality and worked satisfactorily as per the design. However, for the sake of giving prizes, three best projects were selected based on certain judgment criteria. The projects were judged based on the students’ presentation, percentage of completion, real world applicability and originality. The students really made use of the opportunity to display their novel ideas innovations. Some projects were recognized to be considered as a startup and were registered in Incubation Center by the judges.

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All the projects were proposed with proper practical demonstration and practical explanation with the help of power-point presentation. It was performed live in front of the judges. Each team was given a specific duration of time to explain their skills. Students have actively participated and made the event delightful and successful.

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