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Arya College Cousellor Arun Arya

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya

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Arun College Cousellor Arya

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya

First and Second Runner-up in Reel Run Down (Thar’18)

In the competitive and dynamic environment, it is important to understand the requirement and trend running in the market especially for the business man and leaders. With the emergence of new technologies, Engineers need to understand the demand and supply process of the market area. In the corporate world, professionals have the guts to make it to the peak but it is significant to learn professional and marketing skills we bear and prepare ourselves to work with a team and deal at the same time.

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for this, Rajasthan technical University had Organized Three-Days National Level Competition that provided a great opportunity for the students to increase and enhance their Technical and Management skills. Arya College of Engineering and IT is the Best Engineering College which allows aspirants to learn and gain practical knowledge through Workshops, Seminars and Competition/ Exhibition. So they participated Thar’ 18 in Reel Run Down and won several prizes. It is the great achievement of the college when the engineering students show their expertise in other areas with full determination and dedication.

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The main aim of the event was to explore, enhance and understand the marketing skills of the students. It comprised of three activities. Firstly, participants have to prepare a video based on any product that could be helpful to the society. Arya College participants had prepared a video on air-borne. Secondly, they have to show their basic marketing skills based on any product by preparing an act or an advertisement of 2-3 minutes. It was the Surprise round where topic was given on-the spot. Arya College team was given the topic of Adult Diapers to showcase their skills.

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Third activity was the Quiz, which was the verbal presentation on different topics related to marketing and its crisis. It was further classified into 3 rounds in which first was based on Product identification, second was CEO/Logo or in-depth details related to any product in the market and third were based on Vocabulary testing, where students have to press the buzzer and pronounce the word showed to them.

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The first event comprised of 81 teams out of which 12 were selected for Second Round and at last 6 teams were selected for Final Round. Aditi Jangid, Karina Jangid, Hitesh Subhani and Anshul Taunk from Second-year of Computer Science Department of Arya college had Won the prize for First Runner-up and Avinash Purohit, Amrik Sing, Vivan Gupta and Kavish Jain from MBA Final year had Achieved the third position in the competition.

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