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Artificial Intelligence - How to remain relevant in a digital world

Using technology to stay relevant in the age of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming the next big transformative technologies to take the tech market by storm. The industry is worried about AI taking over the workplace.

Data-driven decision maker

Research has been conducted by the students of Computer Science Engineering at B Tech Colleges. It shows that automation will handle about 28% of the task hours spent on decision making. However, future managers should be able to work alongside AI. It uses the given data to make better decisions. Another survey says that 78% of managers believe that people trust the advice of intelligent systems in making business decisions in the future.

Stumbling blocks

Despite all of these positive benefits, organizations slowly embrace digital transformation. A new study says that although HR leaders and employees want to embrace Artificial Intelligence. On the other hand, organizations are failing to prepare for the workforce.

Most of us in our daily lives are quite happy to ask Siri for a movie review or upload a picture of a tree onto an app that recognizes its name and species. These everyday examples of AI are easy to adopt, but while 70% of people are using some form of AI in their personal life, only 6% of HR professionals are actively deploying AI. Similarly, only 24% of employees are currently using some form of AI at work.

Empathetic mentor

Our world is currently not very empathetic at all. Studies show that students of Computer Science Engineering at Engineering Colleges are in the middle of a narcissism epidemic. However, social media and others believe that every person is extraordinary, and has to maintain their individuality to be marketable. Now, an engineer has introduced robots that threaten to hamper their sense of security. Then, the challenge is able to marry machine intelligence with human emotional intelligence and egoism.

Creativity & re-learning

In the early days, LinkedIn analyzed hundreds of thousands of job postings through its LinkedIn Economic Graph. This is a digital representation of the global economy based on over 610 million members, 50 thousand skills, 30 million companies, 20 million open jobs, and 84 thousand schools. Essentially, it is all the data on LinkedIn.

As Artificial Intelligence frees us from repetitive tasks, humans will be able to flex their creativity. This process includes the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn. However, creativity requires the willingness to fail and find better ways of doing things. AI is forcing us to shift the dial and we can no longer afford to be contented.

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