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Artificial intelligence and course duration

Learning topics in Artificial intelligence and course duration

Artificial intelligence courses after senior secondary are related to the domain of Computer Science. It focuses on developing programmed machines or computers that can function exactly like human brain. The first important work in AI was completed in the mid-twentieth century. 

Artificial Intelligence is a unique career path of the aspirants of the list of engineering colleges in Jaipur that can lead you to success. Today with the growing concern over the fact that artificial intelligence is going to snatch away existing jobs. Generally, people think about Sci-fi. However, artificial intelligence is completely different in real life. There is so much work to ensure AI system perform somewhat efficiently. 

Degrees & Levels of Artificial Intelligence

Courses on Artificial Intelligence are offered at BTech colleges Jaipur. One can further delve deeper into the intricacies of AI and choose for the MTech course too.

  1. Undergraduate or UG Level - Undergraduate Level is more than 4 years course. BTech Computer Science with a focus on artificial intelligence is a course focuses at the class 12 pass-outs. The AI course includes the basics of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) as well as the advanced and practical aspects of AI and ML. Along with this, the BTech Artificial Intelligence course involves the topics that are there in the normal computer science course like electrical and electronics engineering, JAVA, C, database management, design, operating systems.
  2. Postgraduate or PG Level – This is a 2 years post-graduate course of artificial intelligence. It offers a more comprehensive study on artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  3. Online Certification Courses - With the advent of numerous edutech companies, learning online has become a breeze. When it comes to learning computer science courses online from best private engineering colleges in Jaipur, it is quite worth it. Computer science courses do not require such practical that require special types of machinery. You only require a computer. There are various popular online edutech organisations that offer AI certification courses. 

Subjects and Duration of Artificial Intelligence Course

There are various diplomas, certificates, and degree courses that a student can pursue. The AI course duration for all courses is different and offered by the technical colleges across the nation. The major available courses in Artificial Intelligence includes the following:

  1. BTech in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  2. The Eligibility for Artificial Intelligence degree to pursue the bachelor’s degree is after 10+2. In senior secondary, the marks to qualify are 70 percent with a minimum of 60 % marks in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. The minimum qualifying mark for mathematics is considered as 50 %.
  3. Candidates should qualify for the National JEE entrance test, SUAT. It is an online test or the UPSEE from all India ranks. The duration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses are different at different levels. UG degrees are of four-year whereas a PG degree includes 2-year. However, the Course duration of Artificial Intelligence certification courses is of 3 months to 1 year.
  4. BTech in Artificial Intelligence After 12th

One of the most important courses for students pursuing a career in AI is the Bachelor of Technology in Artificial Learning at engineering colleges Jaipur. This is because AI courses after the 12th grade include computer science and engineering subjects. This course includes a wide range of topics that cover both theoretical and practical aspects of understanding AI, as well as imparting knowledge of advanced technologies like analytics, machine learning, visualization technology, and so on.

While studying neural networks, signal processing and control, and data mining, candidates must learn to create smart machines and apps, as well as how to use data to predict customer behavior, automate, extract valuable information, and so on.

  1. B.Sc Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Course after 12th

Another popular course for engineering graduates interested in AI is the Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This three-year full-time program is designed to provide individuals with all of the necessary skill sets and theoretical understanding to advance their careers in this field. Graduates learn how to use basic AI principles to solve problems, design applications, develop system shells, and use data mining tools, among other things. 

  1. BCA Artificial Intelligence Course after 12th

The Bachelor of Computer Application in Artificial Intelligence program is a three-year program that equips students of top BTech colleges in Jaipur with the knowledge and skills needed to design AI programs. After the 12th grade, graduates from all backgrounds, including commerce students, can study artificial intelligence. The course aims on teaching various programming languages and technologies that are required in the development of AI machines and algorithms. Consequently, numerous machine learning subjects are included in the course curriculum. Job opportunities for those who complete AI courses after high school include positions like software engineer, IT analyst, AI engineer, big data & AI architect, and so on.

  1. BE Artificial Intelligence Course after 12th

The Bachelor of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence is a four-year program that integrates advanced computer-based information systems with a framework for comprehending the world of AI. Individuals will come to learn various technical skills as well as gain a solid theoretical understanding of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced innovations. Careers available to graduates who complete AI courses after the 12th grade include those of a Network Engineer, Backend Developer, Data Administrator, and others.

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