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Aerospace - The Next Steps in Satellite Technology

Outline of space technology for Engineering graduates

The concept of the geosynchronous satellite was first proposed by Herman Potočnik in the year 1928 for the professionals of Engineering Colleges. He was the part of the science fiction lore. It says that three large, manned space stations arranged in a triangle are orbiting around the planet. Modern satellites are numerous, unmanned, and usually no larger than an automobile.

Small Satellites are also becoming increasingly effective and efficient platforms for scientific research. NASA launched the first and second interplanetary CubeSats – MarCO-A and B to test out new miniaturized communication and navigation technologies. But as a secondary goal, it supports the InSight Mars Lander mission.

Aerospace Engineering and the Space Industry

The space industry seamlessly tied to aerospace engineering. Engineers need to safely get people and supplies to space, and more importantly, back to planet earth. Potential jobs within the space industry for aerospace engineers of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur include launch engineer, antenna engineer, and safety and training specialist.

Consequences of scientific investigations by NASA

Miniaturized technology is at a stage where meaningful science can come out of smaller platforms for the students of B Tech Colleges. However, it can complement or support the scientific investigations carried out by the medium and large missions of NASA. The microsatellites are only about 10kg and ISRO holds the current world record by launching more than 104 satellites of which 96 were micro-satellites with the PSLV -37.

The most significant change in space

With the improvement of the computational power of onboard processors, an important change on satellites gets in the observation. They can operate and automate by the experts of Top Engineering Colleges at NASA. No matter, whether they position at Geocentric, Medium or within a Low earth constellation.

The AI chips are becoming rated for the space environment. It allows machine learning to integrate the satellite’s flight software for the benefits of the students of Best Engineering Colleges. Superior mission operations offer important enhancements over current capability and facilitate complex operations at reduced operational cost. It does not consider an application in satellite communication or remote sensing. Complex operations will involve a deeper understanding of Aerospace Engineering and also a requirement for bringing young minds for Research and Development.

A significant change in the satellite network

The ground systems and hardware connect to a satellite network will also undergo significant change. It is costly to build an infrastructure on the ground, but integrating new advancements in antenna hardware and miniaturization will make satellite connectivity more accessible for the learners of Top 10 Engineering Colleges.

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