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A guide to Microstrip Antenna and their applications

Theories and designs for B Tech in Electronics and Communications

Microstrip antenna is the most popular types of printed antenna. In today’s wireless communication systems or degrees like B Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, these play a very important role. It is one of the critical components in any wireless communication system. In other words, the antenna is a part of a transmitting or receiving system that designs to radiate or receive electromagnetic waves.

Classification of different antenna

Antennae broadly divided into several categories. It includes:

  1. Wire antennae - This is the most basic type of antenna. It uses widely on the top of buildings, ships, automobiles, and spacecraft by the students of the list of engineering colleges in Jaipur. After all, these antennae are made into different shapes like the loop, straight wire (dipole), and helix.
  2. Aperture antennae - These are in the form of a slot or aperture in a metal plate. They commonly use at higher frequencies like 3-30 GHz by the students of B Tech College in Jaipur. For instance, slotted waveguide antennae and horn antennae. They are very useful for aircraft and spacecraft applications because they can be conveniently flush-mounted on the surface of the spacecraft or aircraft.
  3. Printed antennae - A printed antenna is fabricated and makes use of standard photolithography technique. The most common version of the printed antenna is a microstrip antenna. In addition, it consists of a metallic patch above a ground plane. Therefore, the shape and size of the patch mainly determine the frequency of operation including its antenna and performance.

There are various other types of antennas which include array antennae, reflector antennae, lens antennae, etc.

Applications of the most common printed microstrip antennae

Microstrip patch antenna finds several applications in wireless communication for the students of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. For instance, satellite communication requires circularly polarize radiation patterns that can be realized using either circular or square or circular patch microstrip antenna. In global positioning satellite (GPS) systems, circularly polarize microstrip antennae can be used. They are very compact in size and quite expensive due to their positions.

Mobile communication

Mobile communication requires low or small cost, low-profile antennae. In some mobile handsets, diodes or detectors depends on semiconductor uses as antennae by the individuals of Best B Tech College in Jaipur. However, they are similar to the p-n diode photo-detectors but work in relation to the microwave frequency.

Medical applications

The treatment of malignant tumors allows the microwave energy to induce hyperthermia. However, the radiator should be easy-to-handle for the individuals of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur, light-weight, and rugged. Only a patch radiator fulfills these requirements.

Textile antennae: recent research

Based on the different types of antennae, students of Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur continuously monitor the biometric data of the human body. It requires the nearest positions to the human body so that the individuals can send the information can happen outside the world. The hard antennae should not attach to the human body. In addition, it consists of textile material that will not harm the human body and can be worn for extended periods.

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