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10 Best Android Launchers of 2020

Android Launchers

Bored with your current phone’s experience? How about doing some customisation? It will not just bring something new to explore but also add up some new features to your phone. Android phones are popular because of their customisation feature. So if you are someone who wants to upgrade the experience then here are 10 best android launchers of 2020.

Microsoft Launcher

The first name which makes it into the list is Microsoft Launcher. A launcher which offers endless customization, app icon customisation, expandable dock options, and a lot more. Not just that it also offers deep integration with Microsoft’s own services, such as Skype, To-Do, Wunderlist, Outlook. It surely is a definite plus for those already invested in its software ecosystem.

And not only is the launcher very tweak-able, but it is also very fast, with the option to remove transition animations for even more speed. For most people, this is a very solid launcher, and as such, it is one of our top picks.

Nova Launcher

Another name Nova, the chances are that you can, from animation speeds to the spacing of widgets and home screens, it feels as though there is nothing beyond its powers.

As a launcher, Nova is an excellent choice for those who know what they are up to. Nova also has a Pro paid-for option, but this can be safely passed over by most.

Launcher 10

Launcher 10 is one of the best Android launchers that offer on the unique ‘Metro’ interface which is similar to what a Windows Phone. This launcher is entirely user-customisation.

Blackberry launcher

If you were or still are a blackberry fan then there is a piece of good news for you. Not similar though but you can have hands-on a blackberry experience with this launcher. BlackBerry Launcher comes straight from BlackBerry itself, totally similar to the look and classic functionality and also offers some interesting innovations.

Evie Launcher

If you are looking for such one option which has various choices for app columns and the width of the app dock then you should try out this launcher. Evie Launcher focuses on simplicity which makes it one of the fastest launchers around, and also easiest among all to navigate for those who don’t wish to do a lot of setups.

Poco Launcher

Another launcher which is in the list is from MI India, popular for their phones in India. This Launcher has something similar to offer what a Pixel phone has, it is very fluid and snappy and also a clean UI. It also has a RAM cleaning shortcut on the main home screen to kill hungry background apps.

This launcher will definitely bring you a ‘pure’ Android experience with some little modification.

Smart Launcher 5

Smart launcher 5 is a bit unique when we talk about offerings. This launcher offers useful shortcuts to help make sure that getting things done is as simple as possible with the help of smart guesses.

For those who are looking for something minimalists, this launcher is perfect for you.

Action Launcher

Another entry with this launcher which was at available at the Play Store for many years. However, with the new update, it’s once again one of the top options available in the list. Action Launcher brings ‘Pixel’ flavour seeks to emulate the software experience found on the Google Pixel line, meaning a focus once again on simplicity and speed.

Niagara Launcher

If you want to experiment with the look of your phone a bit. Then this is option seems a correct option to go for a philosophical experiment.

This Launcher has no app drawer, home screens or widgets. There is only an alphabetical list of user-selected quick access apps to see how little the average user can function with.

Lawnchair 2

The last one in our list is Lawnchair 2, an option which looks to lift the more positive elements of the Pixel experience. With a small amount of space 15 MB, you get a launcher which focuses on simplicity and speed.

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