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ACEITians achieved World Record in Light Painting Photography

"The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible". This imaginative task is achieved by Hitesh Sabnani and Ishan Jain from Third-year Computer Science Department (ACEITians) of Arya College of Engineering and IT . They have completed this entire project with the help of his brother, Puneet Sabnani and the mentors of Arya College.

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The main aim of photographic team was to mark their record in International Book of World Records. They had offered their record in March 2018 and get published in June 2018. The light painting took 3 months to enter in the World record. They have filled 9 forms in total to fulfill the norms or requirements of Book or to test the accuracy and reliability and practicality of the photographic wooden block. Hitesh had a keen interest in photography from the very beginning. With the help of his brother, he used his photographic skills to set different levels or stages in it. Light painting photography was one of them. They have created the history by being published in various journals, newspapers, book and even on You Tube.

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The team of Arya College had collected information from various related books and started experimenting their creativity in creating this wonderful project. They got the inspiration from the previous record of guinese book in which 1000 orbs or sphere was created. The painting has captured 100 circles in the single click of 45 seconds, which was the specialty of this record.

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In this project, they used ten DC motors that were connected with a battery and ten fan propellers that help in connecting ten LED lights. When LED light rotated, it will make a clockwise circle results in light-emitting circles. Each propeller of a fan contained one LED light. These experiments were made in the observation of their faculties which was proved as the great success. They got appreciation and some more rewards from the College authorities. Hitesh and Ishan feel proud to be the part of Arya College that motivated them to create something new and big.

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