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ACEIT won in Code Matrix (Thar’18)

If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you. – Steve Jobs Technical Education and practice is significant for every engineering aspirant who could be achieved through various competitions, Seminars and Workshops at different levels. Recently, Rajasthan Technical University, Kota has organized Thar’18 which was the Three-Days National Level Technical Fest. Thar was the festivity of technical innovations and recreations being unleashed to achieve success.

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Code Matrix will test the programming abilities of participants of any kind i.e. coding skills, android app development, web designing, game designing, and presentation skills too. The event has 3 levels consists of 8 individual sub-event. For participation in the next level, it is important for the student to move through the different levels. The online competition was based on onsite programming and designing events. Students were provided with a real-world programming challenges so that they can code it in different languages in a stipulated time.

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Second-Year students of Computer Science Department of Arya College of Engineering and IT have participated in Code Matrix. The brief discussion with Prajwal Agarwal and Maharishi Baba stated,” During the event, they have solved different logical errors in the given 5 rounds of the competition. The programming competition was performed online without looking into the computer screens. To reach to the Final Round, they were given 2 options to perform, that is, Code Matrix or Matheletics.

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Evaluation was done online and the winners were declared on the basis of the maximum score. Time taken to solve a problem was also recorded. In case of a tie, the time taken was the criterion to decide the winner. Complete marking scheme were declared along with the problems except the fact that each question will carry maximum of 100 points. With these judgment criteria, Prajwal Agarwal has achieved First rank and Maharishi Baba has achieved Second position the competition.

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