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Why there are fewer Women in Engineering?

Why there are fewer Women in Engineering?

Engineers… isn’t it a fascinating word and a wonderful job. But whenever I think about engineers, many questions are there which always got stuck in my head. The question is, how often do we see a female engineer? Does the law of equality is not applicable to engineering? What is it about engineering that I always encounter less female engineers than male? To answer all these questions, I came up with an idea to write a blog on the factors that are stopping females to indulge in the field of engineering. So, here are some factors:

Environment of Implicit Bias

A positive environment is a basic need to work somewhere. But when we talk about the equality of gender in the workplace, do we really see that? No, especially being in the engineering field the women are always treated inferior to men. Why it is so hard to accept a female programmer at an organization? Although women can do the same work as that of men still the women will be less valued as compared to males. The difficult task is always given to the men because the organization doesn’t want to accept that even women can do the same work.

Threat to the Stereotype

The females who are opting for a math test faces a lot more emotional pressure as compared to that of males. Sitting in a room full of male candidates is a threat to the stereotype of the females. Once the pressure or burden is removed from the females, the performance of the females will definitely improve. The scenario is not only seen in the field of engineering but it is seen in all the field of STEM i.e. Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math.

Fixed Mindset VS Growth Mindset

The women who have a fixed mindset always results in quitting the engineering. The belief of these women is not strong enough to fight obstacles and challenges. The field of Science and Technology always comes up with challenges and difficulties. That is why; the women lose confidence when they face challenges and obstacles. This is due to their belief that if the thing would be easier and it could have come to them. On the other hand, women of growth mindset always fight the challenges and obstacles to achieving their goals. They welcome the challenges and difficulties in the way of their success. Therefore, women with growth mindset have belief in learning and getting sharper by challenging themselves in this field. Hence, there is a fewer number of female engineers who achieve success.

Lack of Interest

It is a fact that women have less interest in STEM as compared to men. The authorities should take some major steps towards it. The awareness should be generated among females to develop their interest in the field of STEM. The isolation and male-dominated environment are the common factors which are pushing women to seek less interest in SET (Science, Engineering and Technology).

Upbringing of the Females

The teenagers look forward to their parents for the decision about their careers and if we trace the tradition there are a minor number of parents who advise their daughters to become an engineer. Hence, the upbringing of the females also affects it as engineering is always treated as a tough subject to teach and hence the females tend to detach from it. The parents should encourage their daughters to opt for STEM as a career to raise the number of females in engineering.

Money is a factor

In order to compare men and women, the men are always treated as the bigger breadwinner. The women are more likely to focus on those jobs which will allow them to have a social impact whereas men only focus on making money. And as engineering is one of the highest paid and tangled jobs the number of males is higher than females. The women choose a career which is flexible to them and their families whereas the male makes the things flexible in order to make money. Home Page

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