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Why students should do PhD after MBA?

Why should do Ph.D. after MBA?

Nowadays, students are opting for Ph.D. programs after their MBA. Still, one question is striking in my head, that is, what it is about Ph.D. that students are thrilled about it. On the contrary, Arya College Jaipur provides the platform for the students who want to do MBA courses. Arya College is one of the top engineering colleges in Jaipur. No doubt, MBA offers wide opportunities for the career but having a Ph.D. degree will be a plus point for the students.

Ph.D. program allows you to conduct research and training that will help in building the ability to find a solution in real-time business situations. The Ph.D. degree will gain you the experience of making a tough decision in the demanding situations. However, the Ph.D. students should have aptitude and experience of MBA degree to conduct various research methodologies like experiments, field study, etc. The whole research will encourage the students to study and deal with the pertinent business problems.

As far as the career is concerned, the best option to earn a high scale salary is to move into the teaching field. Being a professor will give you, the credibility as well as it will gain you high payoffs. It is a fact that the Ph.D. holder will always stand prior to that of MBA graduates. In addition, the Ph.D. degree with MBA will also give you the opportunity to work in big firms and industries or, you can work for an entrepreneur venture demanding lucrative compensations.

Forte of the Ph.D. holders in Business

Some specialization for the business for the Ph.D. degree holders is listed below. They are:


The accounting field focuses on the statistical inference, solving business problems, implementing economics associated with accounting along with decision-making power.


The main motive of the research in the market is to solve the management problems in marketing which a company faces in the real-time. Moreover, the forte areas include decision-making behavior, statistics, economics, management, organizational structures and many more.

Behavior in Organization

The research focuses on the psychology, sociology and their effect on the behavior in the organization's complexity.

Information & Technology and Operations

The following field research focuses on the system of the management, the processing, and networking. The area covers the topics like manufacturing, management of the operations, decision-making, the design of the products etc.

Business Economics

The area of research is the amalgamation of the analysis of the economics and the research. It focuses on the areas like Developmental Economics, Management of the risks, Urban and Behavior Economics, Policy and Analysis, organizations and markets, etc.

There are many other forte fields for these students are Ethics & Legal Studies, Human Resource Management, Applied Economics, etc. The Arya College of the engineering and IT specialized in providing MBA courses. It is also considered as one of the best MBA colleges in Jaipur.

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