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Why should you take admission in BTech machine learning?

Admission in BTech machine learning

In recent years, the use of Artificial Intelligence and BTech Machine Learning in every possible life sphere has become important. Companies all over the world are investing billions of dollars into the quest for exploring newer avenues for the students of top engineering colleges in Jaipur where machine learning can be applied. The applications of machine learning are universal. It ranges from Google maps route assistant to the Alexa in our homes.

Why you should build a Career in Machine Learning?

BTech Machine learning is one of the branches of AI. It aims at allowing computers to learn from experience and perform such tasks that they were not originally programmed to do. Essentially, it allows computers to think similar to humans. Through machine learning, computers use statistics and algorithms for data processing. In addition, machine learning focuses on letting computers to enhance human capacity by automating several daily operations.

Students of Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur applies machine learning in different fields. It is responsible for classifying your spam emails, the face recognition in your smartphones, voice assistants like Siri and Alexa, financial fraud detection, video recommendations in YouTube, predictive financial analysis, and portfolio management. Technology is constantly invading every possible facet of life and its extensive use instigates many tech-minded people around. It is eventually probing their interest to build a career in MTech in machine learning.

Machine learning has applications in various fields like FinTech, EdTech, Computing and Software, Product and Software development, Supply Chain Management, Wearables and IoT, Healthcare, Insurance, Investment Banking, etc.

Today, machine learning is certainly at the forefront of the upcoming technological paradigm. An industry that fails to recognize the tremendous potential brings with itself is bound for obsolescence. AI or machine learning enables students of Top MTech Colleges to use robots in surgeries, manufacturing processes, and even COVID-19 testing and quarantine enforcement.

Opportunities of building a career in Machine Learning

Machine learning has extensive applications in every existing industry. Some of the career prospects that machine learning offers includes the following:

Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning engineer of engineering colleges Jaipur designs and implements complex machine learning algorithms. Algorithms help recognize the complex patterns in the huge volumes of data through anomaly detection, clustering, classification, and prediction to address business challenges.

Data Engineer

Data engineers offer the job of processing an organization’s big data. They test, construct, and maintain complex data management systems by customizing analytics applications. Data engineers must be familiar with NoSQL, Hadoop, SQL, MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, Hive, MapReduce, and Data streaming.

Data Scientist

This role includes designing programs to process large amounts of unstructured data. Data scientists suggest methods to frame optimal future strategies through the analysis. Also, Data scientists are proficient in R, SAS, Python, SQL, and Spark.

Data Analyst

A data analyst of Best MTech College in Jaipur is required to use Maths, statistical science, and programming to derive meaningful insights from raw data. This includes developing advanced algorithms to extrapolate data. It uses Hadoop-based analytics, ETL tools, and business intelligence concepts for data visualization and warehousing.

Automotive Industry

Self-driving cars employ extensive machine learning mechanisms that can automate the driving process. Machine learning algorithms, high-definition cameras, IoT sensors, and natural language processes are important to the functioning of these cars.

Stock Analyst (FinTech)

The predictive capabilities of machine learning algorithms encourage their use in the FinTech industry. The algorithms recognize multiple patterns in the financial markets and further help investors to decide where they should invest their money.


Majority of companies are interested in analyzing and predicting consumer behavior. Machine learning algorithms enable companies to analyze consumer activity online or in-store. Then, this data is used by them to improve their go-to-market strategies for new products, and targeted marketing outreach for existing products.

Application/ Product Development

Wearable technology products like Google glasses, Fitbit, etc are investing heavily in machine learning to provide a personalized consumer experience. Even the EdTech sector is employing machine learning to provide students of private engineering colleges with a personalized learning experience.

How to start a Career in Machine Learning?

Mathematical, statistical, and computing proficiency is necessary for building a career in machine learning. However, executives across the globe emphasize the importance of excellent communication skills for success in this upcoming field. R, C++, Java, Python, and other computer programming courses are advantageous for people wanting to start early. Moreover, a business acumen, visualization, data preparation, and organization are essential for making a career in machine learning.

Besides, many engineering colleges in India have introduced newer undergraduate courses like B.Tech. It offers specialization in machine learning and AI in the final year. A majority of these courses are in association with corporate giants like Tata Consultancy Services, IBM, etc. Students who wish to craft a career in machine learning believes that an undergraduate course is a great head start into the field. On the other hand, BTech in Computer Science, Data Analytics, Data Science, Statistical Science, Mathematics, Economics, or even Management can be a stepping stone to an eventual career in machine learning.


No one could deny from the fact that our machines would one day begin to ‘learn’, or that our phones would become ‘smart’. Truly, the technological landscape is ever-evolving. The world is yet to experience the complete potential of AI and machine learning. Also, the generation that is at the forefront of this revolution, it becomes necessary to be abreast of recent developments.

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