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Why Should I choose engineering as a career

Should I choose engineering as a career    

What do Engineers do

Engineers use offence and math knowledge to solve mankind’s problems and Scientists investigate that which already is also We do what we do for love: No for the rewards. There is no Nobel Prize for engineering ◦ Most engineers would probably give the technology away if they can get their base needs to be met

Types of engineers 

• Aerospace 
• Biomedical 
• Biomolecular 
• Chemical 
• Civil 
• Computer 
• Electrical 
• Environmental 
• Industrial 
• Materials 
• Mechanical 
• Nuclear and Radiological 
• Ocean
• Electrical sub-fields (technical interest area) 
• Power 
• Control 
• Microelectronics 
• Telecommunication (2) 
• Instrumentation 
• Computers (3) 
• Signal Processing (1) 
• Optics 
• RF

Why I recommend engineering

• Being part of a creative process 
• Designing solutions to meet customers’ needs 
• Testing and improving technology 
• Range of roles and responsibilities 
• Working in a multidisciplinary team 
• Doing something different every day 
• Good salaries are achievable

Why Choose Engineering?

Technical Knowledge On Offer Is Unparalleled

There’s no substitute for the time spent in the many workshops and engineering labs as part of the course and It’s what gives you a leg up over the countless people opting for a B.Sc. degree in the same specialization.

Multifaceted Launchpad For A Promising Career

Telecommunications Engineering in your higher studies this career flexibility is unparalleled among other fields in the same league so If you’re someone who likes to keep their options open then there’s no need to wonder why to choose engineering as a career any longer.

Secure A Job, With Job Security

Engineers have always been in high demand in the job market and It has braved recessions and economic slumps alike to secure its place as a reliable career choice also The fact remains that engineering is one of the most reputed careers, held in high stead by employers across the globe So the technical expertise you bring to the table will be an asset to any agency.

International Scope

For a field as universal as engineering, international reach is inevitable and Institutions like ABET are fast dispelling any doubt regarding the question “why choose to engineer, also The top Engineering College in Rajasthan like VIT are acclaimed by international standards, lending an extra boost to aspiring engineers’ resumes so this boost helps them branch out into international job offers.

The Business Perspective

Engineering degrees offer a concise perspective on relevant fields in the business sector and It gives one a grasp on the pressing demands in a particular niche and addresses them from a commercial standpoint.

Further Study Options

There’s more to it than just that and The scope to upskill even further is ever-present, with postgraduate and doctorate degrees also Competition in engineering fields can get pretty heated, so standing apart from the crowd is almost a prerequisite for more prolific careers in 2021 so higher studies in engineering open up many avenues to become a specialist in your field of choice.

Dual Degree Potential

Doing two degrees in the timeframe of one sounds too good to be true and Engineering qualifications take time, more so if you opt for higher studies also With dual-degree programs, this is a problem of the past, however So This head start of 2 years will work wonders for your career in engineering, giving you an edge over your batchmates.

Application Beyond Learning

Engineering is much more than what you learn from your faculty in class and Since the field is based on application and analysis, you have a lot more scope to explore your understanding in a practical setting also Many reputed engineering colleges have clubs and even entire fests dedicated to innovation in various fields of engineering.

Research Potential Galore

Engineering is about applying the knowledge we have to decipher what we don’t know and Research and development is a front runner in the engineering field and fueling the growth of advanced technologies also All that potential could be within your reach as an engineer, no matter what area you choose. 

Placement Opportunities

Most top-tier engineering colleges in India offer outstanding placement opportunities in the course’s final year and You’ll get a foot in the door for interviews at companies like Amazon and Google also The benefits don’t stop with the placement training and you also gain access to outstanding recommendations and references from experienced faculty.

Engineers Vs Engineering Technology 

An engineering technologist is a specialist devoted to the implementation of existing technology within a field of engineering, and Engineering technology is much more hands-on and less theory based

Engineering Job Security & Salaries

Some fields:-

• Computer science 
• Mechanical engineering 
• Electrical/electronics and communications engineering 
• Computer engineering 
• Industrial/manufacturing engineering 
• Systems engineering 
• Engineering Technology 
• Information sciences & systems 
• Business systems networking/ telecommunications 


Information Technology College in Jaipur  Rajasthan says almost everything you eat, wear, use, and like to do involves engineering also From everyday things like your mobile, computer, and clothes to medicine, space, national security, and renewable energy … to tackling climate change, providing clean drinking water, or ensuring sustainable food supplies and A common thing you’ll hear every engineering graduate say is that it’s not just a degree also VIT is no exception to this, nurturing engineering students to become tomorrow’s changemakers also If you’re still wondering why to choose engineering as a career, get in touch with our administration office to know more about VIT.

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