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Why Arya 1st old Campus is happy and happening?

How Arya grooms its students beyond academia

The regular high-quality academic activities at Arya 1st old Campus waits for the annual calendar of Cultural & Musical activities where the plethora of world-class events take place on regular intervals making students very happy and proud of being a part of the college. However, it develops the spirit of a very distinct emotion & spirit in every student.

This spirit converts every event into a high voltage and high energy audience. Also, it consists of a much-disciplined group with huge participation. The Best B Tech College in Jaipur serves a special amphitheater where most of the program organizes, witnesses youth energy enjoying every moment.

How to develop artistic skills among students?

Each day becomes unique. Something or other keeps happening whether it is a group of international artists sculpting huge stones or painters working on their canvases or serious academic activities, seminars, etc. no art gets damaged at Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. The respect for Heritage & Arts develops naturally within the students.

Indian Classical Music concerts by world-renowned musicians enable music lovers of the region knocking to Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. Rock shows by various groups especially await by the students. And the Rock groups are always happy and keen to perform again and again.

How different events celebrate at Arya?

Teacher’s day and Friendship day celebrates with great fervor and enthusiasm. A tight academic schedule keeps the students of B Tech Colleges in Jaipur. It also prepares them for the challenges of future handling pressures from the beginning. Every ACEITian bursts into emotions while leaving the campus as they prepare to join their profession after completing their degree courses.

There will be a happy youth around the campus, enjoying their learning process. Also, Arya College has a very unique & distinctive character of its campus. However, they are perceived by all as a hub of creative expressions in special areas of paintings, sculptures, various classical & folk dance forms, world cinema, Indian classical & popular music, western classical & rock music, photography & theater.

Exposure all around the campus

Students of Top Private Engineering Colleges in Jaipur get to expose themselves with the best of Indian and International Artists. They observe their processes of creation, interact, admire the final outcome and take special care for its upkeep & maintenance. In the last few years, hundreds of engineer professionals have visited Campus. They participated in various creative camps, symposiums, and workshops. This is how Arya has become the largest contributor of professionalism among all Universities and Institutes.

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