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What is Microsoft Power BI - Top Reasons to use Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI Desktop is a free, self-service data analysis and report authoring tool that allow an individual to install on a Windows computer. It can connect more than 70 on-premises and cloud data sources to turn information into interactive visuals. Microsoft Power BI desktop allows users to connect to data, transform and model the data, create charts and graphs, create reports and dashboards that are collections of visuals, share reports with others using the Power BI service, etc.

Who Uses Power BI

Though Power BI is a self-service BI tool that brings data analytics to employees, it is mostly used by data analysts and business intelligence professionals of Best Engineering Colleges in India. They create the data models before disseminating reports throughout the organization. However, those without an analytical background can still navigate Power BI and create reports.

Microsoft Power BI is used by both department reps and management, along with reports and forecasts to create sales and marketing reps, while also providing data for management on how the department or individual employees are progressing toward their goals. Additionally, Power BI offers an admin portal for administrators to help configure the implementation of Power BI, as well as usage monitoring and licenses.

Reasons Why You Should Use Power BI

There are certain reasons why organizations around the world choose Microsoft Power BI to meet their self-service and enterprise business intelligence needs.

1. Power BI is an industry leader

Microsoft is a Leader for the thirteenth consecutive year for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms.

2. Easy to connect your data

Power BI makes it easy to bring your data together into one place, for greater accessibility, organization and visibility in your reporting efforts. The tool currently supports more than 70 connectors out-of-the-box, letting businesses load data from a wide range of highly used cloud-based sources such as Azure, OneDrive and SalesForce, DropBox, Google Analytics, in addition to Excel spreadsheets, CSV files and data located on-premises, such as SQL Database.

With these in-built connectors, students of best engineering colleges in Jaipur can load pre-built Power BI dashboards in seconds and perform powerful data analysis within minutes. They can always customize elements further to their liking, or have their data experts start from scratch by importing their datasets and developing their own dashboard and reports.

3. Powerful and performant

Power BI’s Power Pivot data modelling engine is a highly performant columnar database, using modern tabular database technologies to compress databases and ensure they load fully into memory for the best possible performance.

While in comparison, Excel starts to slow down when it deals with large models, Power BI is optimized to deal with tables in excess of 100 million records without breaking a sweat. Also, Power BI implements incremental and automated refreshes to ensure data is always up-to-date, an invaluable benefit that further streamlines visual reporting for end-users. In short, Power BI efficiently condenses and loads millions of records into memory by allowing a quicker and snappier data analysis experience for end-users.

4. Custom and open-sources visuals

Power BI comes with a ton of pre-packed standard data visuals to add in your interactive reports like bar, column, line, map, matrix, pie charts, scatter, table and waterfall each with its own variety of customization options for enhanced presentation and functionality. However, for that extra touch, students of engineering colleges Jaipur can also utilize free custom visuals created by developers (or in-house) and shared with the Power BI community to represent their data in a way that tells their data story the best.

5. Familiar Excel features

Advanced Excel users knowledgeable in Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) formula language can dig deeper into their data and find patterns easier with Power BI with its familiar Power Pivot features like forecasting, clustering, grouping and quick measures. The embedded self-service Power Query tool will also be familiar to Excel users, making it easy to transform, ingest, integrate and enrich business data in Power BI from the get-go. One other understated benefit is Power BI seamlessly integrates with Excel, negating the need to export files.

6. Governance & security

Power BI help students of Top Private Engineering Colleges in Jaipur to manage security and user access and security within the same interface, removing the need to use other tools to ensure you meet stringent compliance and regulatory standards. The service also has Azure Active Directory (AAD) built-in for user authentication, allowing you to leverage Single Sign-On (SSO), along with your regular Power BI login credentials to access your data.

7. Real-time information

Dashboards update in real-time, as data is pushed or streamed in, which gives viewers the ability to solve problems and identify opportunities quickly. Any report or dashboard can display and update real-time data and visuals. Sources of streaming data can be factory sensors, social media sources, or anything from which time-sensitive data can be collected or transmitted.

8. Simple & accessible insights

It is easy for the students of top computer science engineering colleges in Jaipur to start using Power BI for data analysis or understand how it presents information. The tool makes reading and presenting visual reports as simple or as detailed as you want it.

Beginners and experts can use Power BI desktop for quick explanations of increases or decreases in your data charts with a click of a button which delivers automated smart analysis on your selected data using machine learning algorithms.

The results are displayed in a window with a simplified visualization (ribbon chart, scatter chart, stacked column chart, waterfall chart) and an insightful description outlining which categories influenced the increase or decrease in your data.


Business intelligence applications like Power BI empower students of top BTech colleges to analyze their data and keep their company efficient and provides them with the tools necessary for better strategic analysis of how they can consolidate their data streams, improve accessibility and gain smarter insights. It is not difficult to understand why Power BI is growing in popularity among businesses seeking better insights, interactive dashboards and rich reporting. Now is the time to leverage the many tools and services available that can help you prepare for a successful Power BI adoption and improve your data insights across the organization.

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