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What is AWS Cloud Computing?

AWS Cloud Computing 

Engineering College in Jaipur Rajasthan says the leading cloud provider in the marketplace is Amazon Web Services, and It provides over 170 AWS services to the developers so they can access them from anywhere at their time of need also AWS has customers in over 190 countries worldwide, including 5000 ed-tech institutions and 2000 government organisations.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the delivery of online services (such as servers, databases, and software) to users and with the help of cloud computing, storing data on local machines is not required.

What is AWS?

AWS platform provides more than 200 fully featured services from data centers located all over the world and is the world's most comprehensive cloud platform It is an online and cost-effective cloud computing solution and it is a broadly adopted cloud platform that offers several on-demand operations like compute power and database storage.

How Does AWS Work?

AWS usually works in several different configurations depending on the user's requirements and the user must be able to see the type of configuration used and the particular server map concerning the AWS service. 

Advantages of AWS

It gives a user-friendly programming model, architecture, database as well as operating system that has been already known to employers. 

AWS is a very cost-effective service also There is no such thing as a long-term commitment to anything you would like to purchase. 

The centralized sector, hybrid computing, and fast installation or removal of your application in any location with a few clicks also pay extra money on running data  servers by AWS. 


Migration services use 3 different sub-services, DMS, SMS, and snowball to transfer the data physically from Datacenter to AWS, DMS also known as Database Migration Service is used to migrate one database to another and SMS is a Server Migration Service that helps to migrate on-site servers to AWS within a short period.
Applications of AWS

1. Storage and Backup

Storage to choose from and is easily accessible as well It can be used for storage and file indexing as well as to run critical business applications.

2. Websites

Similar to other web applications. 

3. Gaming

The computing power needed to run gaming applications and AWS makes it easier to provide the best online gaming experience to gamers across the world.

4. Mobile, Web and Social Applications

Cloud services are its capability to launch and scale mobile, e-commerce, and SaaS applications and API-driven code on AWS 

5. Big Data Management and Analytics (Application)

Amazon Elastic Map Reduce to process large amounts of data via the Hadoop framework and Amazon Kinesis to analyze and process the streaming data also AWS Glue to handle, extract, transform and load jobs, so Amazon Elastic search Service enables a team to perform log analysis, and tool monitoring with the help of the open source tool, Elastic-search and Amazon Athena to query data also Amazon Quick Sight to visualize data. 

6. Artificial Intelligence

Amazon Polly to translate text-to-speech translation such as Alexa Voice Services and echo devices and Amazon Rekognition to analyze the image and faces. 

7. Messages and Notifications

Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) for effective business or core communication and Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) to receive or send emails for IT professionals and marketers.

8. Game Development

It is used for large game development companies that offer developer back-end services, analytics, and various developer tools and AWS allows developers to host game 
data as well as store the data.

9. Internet of Things

AWS storage and AWS IOT Button offer limited IOT functionality to hardware also AWS Green grass offers AWS computing for IOT device installation.

AWS Services

Some of them:- AWS EC2, AWS Lambda, Storage, Amazon S3, Amazon EBS, Database, Dynamo, RDS, Networking and Delivery of Content, VPC, Route 53, Developer Tools, Code 
Star, Code Build, Security, Identity & Compliance, IAM, KMS, Management Tools, Cloud Watch, Cloud Formation


Best Private Engineering College in Jaipur Rajasthan say AWS Architect or you’re aspiring to break into this exciting industry also enrolling in our Cloud Architect Training program will help individuals that all levels of experience master AWS Cloud Architect techniques and strategies and it is important for every company and industry to work with.

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