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What happens when you uninstall Instagram from your phone

Instagram: A Social Platform

Nowadays life is all about social media, whether it’s about political news, Bollywood buzz, economic news, or any other information. People prefer social media platform to get all the buzz. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Whats-app, Twitter, Instagram and many more are getting launched. These social platforms provide you all kinds of information which you ask for. And the best part is that all the platforms are portable, yes you can carry them in your own phone as they all are in the form of applications.

Let’s talk about one of the platforms that are Instagram

Instagram, it is the one that is liked by all category of citizens’ around the world whether it’s kids, youth or senior citizens. As it provides the updates regarding your favourite celebrities either they are from Hollywood or Bollywood. It provides news also as many news channels have their official accounts on it. It is like an overall package of all the applications. This platform helps you to showcase your talent in any manner and gather your own fan following. Talents are writing skills, dancing skills, singing skills, art craft skills, and food blogging is also trending nowadays. It helps you to earn money by making a shopping account so, people can approach you to shop and many other ways too. You can connect with your friends too. It maintains privacy on its best level to protect account holders. People prefer Instagram instead of other applications.

What will happen if we uninstall the application?

If you uninstall the Instagram application from your phone, firstly your data will be safe such as your followers, followings and your posted pictures, comments and likes, messages because you have uninstalled the application it will delete the application not the data of an application. All will remain the same and you can get back to it whenever you want to so, no need to be worried about your profile. But you will be unaware of the updates of your favourite celebrities and friends and you can get bore also as it helps you to pass your time and get some knowledge or information.

And if you are a blogger on Instagram then you will not be able to post your updates. Friends can message you, tag you and share the posts with you but you will not get any notification as you have deleted the application. But nothing will change, whenever you will join, it will be same. If you want to take a break from social media applications then uninstalling is the best way to get rid of this as it will keep your accounts remain the same.

So, we at Arya College which is one of the Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur to publish this article to help all of us.

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