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What are the highest paying engineering careers in 2020?

Engineering Careers in 2020

In India, every year there are 1.5 million engineers in the nation. There are lot of opportunities in engineering careers. But among them, only a few of them get hired in the top companies. The large number raises questions over job opportunities. Nobody can deny from the fact that budding engineers start their career with just an entry-level salary which is also quite low. Therefore, it is important for the students of top engineering colleges to keep in mind the two important factors including money and interest.

Experts in the engineering industry encourage the students to pursue their passion. With this, they can make a good amount right from the starting days of their career. It requires the right decision, that is, to choose the most ideal branch of engineering. In order to cope up with the problem, an individual can select the right course for their career.

However, competition for engineering jobs is increasing and engineering careers allows candidates to complete their formal education, gain work experience, and display their skills. There is a top of highest-paying jobs in the engineering sector for the students of top btech colleges.

Petroleum Engineering Careers

Petroleum Engineers are highly responsible for finding the most efficient and profitable means of extracting oil and gas from rock formations far below the earth. They design and develop different ways to use water, chemicals, and gases and steam to force oil out of reserves. Also, perform research, develop drill plans, and ensure proper maintenance and function of oil and gas extraction equipment.

Petroleum Engineers must complete bachelors or master’s degree programs in petroleum engineering from Best Engineering College in India and also gain work experience before entering the field. An earning for Petroleum Engineers ranges from $114,080 to $166,400 yearly.

Nuclear Engineering Careers

Nuclear Engineers research nuclear energy and radiation for the use of industry and medicine. They design and create the processes, instrumentation, equipment, and systems that contain nuclear materials. Also, they maintain and monitor nuclear operations within facilities to ensure safety, identify violations of nuclear regulations and laws, etc.

However, nuclear Engineers are required to possess a minimum of a bachelor's degree from Best BTech College in India combined with work experience to qualify for employment earning yearly salaries of $99,920 to $142,290.

Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace Engineers mainly design, develop, and test aircraft, satellites, spacecraft, missiles, and other air or spacecraft products for the use of military, commercial, or private. They research and determine the safety of proposed aircraft projects and parts. Also, Aerospace Engineers evaluate products to ensure they meet customer requirements, engineering specifications, and quality standards.

Aerospace Engineers may begin their careers within entry-level positions upon earning a bachelor's degree from the best engineering college, though many employers prefer candidates with both a degree and work experience. The salary for Aerospace Engineers mainly ranges from $97,480 to $143,360 yearly.

Software Engineers

Software Engineers combine computer science, mathematics, and engineering to design, develop, test, and maintain software or computer systems. They primarily focus on user needs and write computer programs. Most of the engineers closely work with teams of other computer science and engineering experts to secure, install, or develop advanced computer systems and software.

Generally, the Software Engineers must complete a minimum of a bachelor's degree based in computer science, software, mathematics, or engineering as well as experience working with computer systems and applications from top private engineering colleges. In addition, the constant changes within the industry allow Software Engineers to continue education throughout the course of their careers. They can earn an annual salary of upto $87,900 to $94,520.

Engineering Managers

Engineering Managers supervise teams of engineers from top btech colleges within electrical, mechanical, civil, or industrial engineering fields. They administer, direct, and coordinate the research, design, financing, and development of hardware, products, equipment, and devices. Also, they oversee project design, manufacturing processes, productivity, and marketing analysis to lead projects for industrial, civil, and environmental products and services.

Individuals must complete studies within a bachelor's or master’s degree program from engineering colleges. They must also gain work experience and obtain state licensing in order to qualify for employment as an Engineering Managers. Generally, they earn $91,180 to $141,730 annually.

Chemical Engineers

Chemical Engineers research, design, and troubleshoot the equipment and production processes for manufacturing at large scale. They apply the engineering principles of chemistry, physics, and biology to develop, identify, and evaluate the safest and most efficient means of producing food, drugs, chemicals, fuel, and other materials.

Chemical Engineers must complete their studies within a bachelor level chemical or bio-molecular engineering program at Top Private Engineering College. Also, gain work experience before advancing to careers earning salaries of $90,300 to $139,670 yearly.

Electrical Engineers

Electrical Engineers from a top engineering college in Jaipur propose new and improved electronics, components, and equipment. Also, they test and resolve problems with existing electronics. Electrical Engineers work with a large number of systems and products from lighting and wiring within structures to cars, robots, generators, and navigation systems to ensure performance and resolve issues.

Training to become an Electrical Engineer from btech colleges requires an associate's or bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Earnings for Electrical Engineers range from $84,500 to $128,610 annually.

Biomedical Engineers

Biomedical Engineers mainly focuses on improving the efficiency, quality, safety, and effectiveness of medical systems and products. They design, analyze, and resolve problems with biology and medicine. Also, biomedical engineers create artificial organs, devices, and machines used to replace body parts and diagnose medical issues.

Typically, Biomedical Engineers complete a bachelor or master’s degree in biomedical engineering from top engineering college Rajasthan in order to advance to positions earning salaries of $81,540 to $126,990 annually.

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