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Web design certifications to become a developer

Importance of Web design certifications for a developer

Web designing is one of the most significant topics for the students of Engineering Colleges in India. If you are looking for a way to make your skills stand out in the pile of resumes on the desk of a future employer, then you might want to consider a webmaster certification. So, in the web design industry, you might have heard a lot of buzz pertaining to certifications. A certification is essentially a validation of your proficiency in a certain area or job field. It is significant to consider that a certification is not a degree, rather a validation of skill.

For instance, a certification can help students of top engineering colleges in Rajasthan stand out from their peers, and provide them an employment advantage. On the other hand, web design certifications can be overlooked by employers. This will help you understand when a certification in web design could be highly valuable, and when it could just be added flare to your resume.

There are certain web design certifications out there that will test your ability to design, code, and implement web pages and sites. Majority of them are oriented towards the beginner, there are also a few very advanced certifications that will elevate you to the level of Web Master.

Beginner Web Design Certifications

Beginner web design certifications focus on page layout, HTML, use of browsers, use of graphics, and style sheets. These will start students of btech colleges India on the path to more advanced certifications.

CIW Associate

The CIW Associate certification requires one exam. It is also known as the Foundations exam and must be passed before going on to any other CIW track. The exam covers page authoring, internet, and networking basics. Also, earning the CIW Associate qualifies students of Top BTech Colleges India for the CWP Associate Certification.

CWD (Certified Web Designer)

The CWD certification is offered by the Association of Web Professionals (AWP) of Private Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. They will need basic internet and design knowledge to pass the single exam. The exam provides an online by Jupiter Systems, who are the current sponsors of the AWP. Also, a Web Manager and Technician Certifications are offered by the AWP. This is an intermediate course and focus less on design.

CAW (Certified Associate Webmaster)

The CAW certification mainly offered by WOW and covers most of the basics with a focus in scripting and markup. One exam required, costs and is available through VUE.

HTML Developer Certificate

The World Wide Web Consortium (WC3) is the group that sets the different standards for the internet. They offer a basic and 70 question exam that provides you a certificate. It will test you on HTML, XHTML, and CSS. All the materials required to study are free on the site so, considering the source and the cost, this is a great choice for a certification.

BCIP (Brainbench Certified Internet Professional)

Brainbench offers preparation of several good certification exams. Additionally, students of top btech colleges in Rajasthan can apply several of the skills exams to get the BCIP certification. It requires 4 exams in total and a pair of them are free. This is an affordable certification and an excellent way to test their skills in preparation for more advanced certifications.

Intermediate Web Design Certifications

The course for top computer science engineering colleges expect to have knowledge of coding and scripting along with some solid job experience to jump to the intermediate level of certification.

AWP (Associate Webmaster Professional)

This web designing course sponsored by WebYoda and requires one exam. Exam topics cover basic and advanced HTML & XHTML knowledge, Internet Fundamentals, and expertise with CSS.

Coldfusion MX Developer Certification

If students of best BTech colleges have experience with programming languages and one year of working with Coldfusion, they are eligible for this exam. It consists of 66 questions. A score of 80 percent or above will earn them an Advanced Developer Certification.

DreamWeaver MX Certification

Proficiency in Dreamweaver and experience with coding, graphics, and website management will help engineering graduates with this exam. The exam is 65 questions and they must score 70 percent or better to pass.

Flash Certification

Macromedia offers two tracks for the Flash certifications including Flash MX Designer and Flash MX Developer. Each of the course requires 65 question exams. The Designer exam requires knowledge of optimization, Flash motion design, and publishing. The Developer exam requires knowledge of relational database design with one to two years of experience in both software development & web design.

MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist)

This certification was created for the students of engineering colleges Jaipur who are developing on .NET Framework 2.0 Web Applications. They must pass two exams, one of them focuses on the .NET Framework 2.0 foundational skills and another focuses on Web-based client development. With this, you can take one additional exam to obtain the MCPD: Web Developer certification.

Advanced Web Design Certifications

Advanced certifications will require that an individual expand their horizons well beyond proficiency in internet and design concepts. So, depending on the certifications they choose, they will now need to master e-business, marketing, security, management, and more advanced scripting skills.

CIW Master

There are various tracks for CIW Master candidates to choose from. However, it includes Administrator, Developer, Web Site Manager, and Security Analyst. Each track requires multiple exams on a variety of subjects.


The CWP certification requires that students of best engineering colleges hold the AWP certification and take one exam. The exam covers web design & graphics, intermediate Java skills, e-business concepts, and e-marketing concepts.

Global Knowledge Webmaster

This certification achieved with a series of lecture and lab classes that covers Java, advanced web design, databases, and XML development.


Get the web design certifications to become quite the master of web design. Also, there are quite a few web design certifications that will test an individual to test their ability to design, code, and implement web pages and sites.

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