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Variety of B Tech courses for students

Programmes to transform you professionally

Engineering Courses in India offers a multi-disciplinary approach and focuses on creating problem solvers. The curriculum at Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan design in order to maintain the pace with industry demand, technological innovations, and contemporary academic research.

Arya College Jaipur is the experiential project-based methodology by targeting student-centric programs. It designed to prove as a world’s leading institution for innovative and easy-accessible engineering studies.

In addition, Engg Colleges offering B Tech courses make use of four basic principles as its foundation. For instance, Technology-based, seamless, industry-linked and research-driven. It encourages a large number of students to connect and explore with multiple dimensions of today’s business environment and technology.

B Tech Courses at Arya College are offered through a transformational process that involves multi-disciplinary courses of Humanities, Engineering, laboratories, Social Sciences, Industry Practice, R&D projects, and other co-curricular components. Undergraduate engineering projects at Best Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan seek to create exceptional leaders. In other words, they train to operate in a complex technology-oriented business environment of coming generations.

B Tech Programs

The four-year B Tech undergraduate programs comprise 8 semesters. These courses categorize into the following:

  1. Programme core (Social Science, Humanities and Management) – Acquire interdisciplinary knowledge.
  2. Professional core – Gain proficiency and efficiency in the domain area.
  3. Basic Sciences (Science and Mathematics) – Develop an analytical ability
  4. Professional electives – Specialize in an industry-specific area
  5. R&D - Inculcate a strong research bent of mind

Under B Tech, the initial four semesters focus towards theoretical and experienced laboratory training in Basic Sciences, Programme core and foundational courses (Professional core). In addition, it is followed by advanced courses developed over the next three semesters by including R&D projects. The final semester targets Industry Practice (IP) that enables students to work on real-life projects outside the college and allow six months training in the industry leading to the completion of B Tech Courses. Therefore, the undergraduate engineering programme is the total of education measures undertake to develop responsible individuals with life-long learning capability.

Apart from the regular courses, B Tech students can easily choose courses based on the activities undertaken in the club outside the classroom.

Industrial practices under B Tech

The IP conducted at Arya 1st Old Campus provides an opportunity for the students in order to gain experience working on real assignments. However, it takes almost 6 months from the student’s life. At Engineering Colleges in Jaipur, students give guidance based on technical skills. It also allows them building strong professional skills including problem-solving, written and verbal communication, planning, and initiative, meeting deadlines, and integrity and customers communication.

Top engineering colleges in Jaipur offers the following streams under the B Tech programme:

  1. Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
  2. Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)
  3. Biotechnology (BT)

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