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Top trends in online IT certifications

Launch your career with best IT certifications

With the boom in e-Learning, there has been a rise in online course certification takers. In case you find it difficult to boost your knowledge and enhance your learning, here is a list of top trends in online IT certifications to sign up today.

Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 web applications

In recent times, ASP.NET use extensively for web application development. With this course, an individual can enhance the performance and scalability of the Web site applications. This course describes the Microsoft Web Technologies stack and helps them choose the right technology for the development of any given application.

Also, you can get the power to create Views in an MVC application for displaying and editing data and for interacting with models and controllers. Easy online IT certifications will guide you on how to run unit tests and debugging tools for your applications. The course also comprises training for writing a Windows Azure web service and MVC application.

PHP professional course

This course is ideal for developing PHP skills. It aids you in your transition from a newbie to a professional PHP developer. The packing up of course material will help you to access lectures based on the basics of PHP programming. After completing the lectures, an individual would be able to create an authorization system for their website.

Game development fundamentals with python

People with a fascination for games and a desire to learn game development should take a Python course. It contains four hours of video lecture, code samples and also comprises of lab exercises. With exercise practices, you can hone your skills, revise, and remember everything you have learned in the course. It is basically taught in Python. However, the knowledge you gain through the course can be utilized with other programming languages.

CSS advanced

If you have already done CSS or HTML training and want to enhance your learning, CSS Advanced is the perfect course for you. It is the perfect course for a professional web designer or a freelance web developer. However, web developer employment expects to grow almost 20 percent which makes it a wonderful career choice for IT career aspirants.

EXIN cloud computing

This course is the perfect combination of cloud technology services and its business and management side. It evaluates the auditing and service response of cloud computing, and also the delegation of IT responsibilities. It covers a variety of areas in cloud computing like processes, OS, licenses, people, hardware, software, power, and backups. By doing this course, individuals will get familiar with the principles of cloud computing and also the security and compliance features.

Designing and deploying Microsoft exchange server

Microsoft exchange server will gain the know-how of designing and configuring advanced components. These components can advance security, compliance, and resiliency. An individual will also learn about coexistence with other Exchange organizations or exchange online. Besides addressing technical cloud computing issues, the course also explains how you can fulfill business requirements for the deployment of Exchange Server.

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