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Top Companies for Mechanical Engineering Courses

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Mechanical engineering courses mainly involves design, production, and operation of machinery. It considers as one of the oldest and vast engineering disciplines. It requires an understanding of core concepts like mechanics, kinematics, materials science, thermodynamics, structural analysis, and electricity. Arya is one of the Best Engineering College in Jaipur for Mechanical Engineering. There are many organizations that hire. After all, mechanical Engineers in various field and sectors in India. Under mentioned are some:


The Company is based on energy and environmental concepts in India and Britain. Students of Mechanical Engineering at Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur can avail various opportunities from the ME graduates. However, they are involved in a wide range of business areas like boilers, vapor absorption machines, water and waste solutions and installation of captive power projects. The historic brand name of boilers is widely popular for its former toughened-glass company.

Larsen and Turbo

In the engineering and construction sector, they are the leaders. In addition, the company starts by Danish engineers from Best Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan who took refuge in India along with the Indian financing partner. After all, they worked in different industries like Electrical, Aerospace, Mining, Automobiles, metals, etc. However, they recruit engineers for efficiently carrying operations in these sectors.

Godrej Group

This name highly engages in different sectors. They are leaders in locks and furniture manufacturing, refrigeration and air-conditioning. They manage and owns the Godrej family having headquarters in Mumbai. To work in India, the company has earned the 15th position among the best companies. However, they recruit engineers from Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Jaipur for their operations in electrical and electronics division, process equipment division and precision engineering division.


The Indian conglomerate has headquarters in Pune. However, the company exports to more than 70- countries over most of the European, African and Southeast Asian countries. There are various products that they manufacture. For instance, Valves, Pumps, Compressors, Agricultural Products, Engine and parts, and Air Conditioning related things and more and recruit mechanical engineers from B Tech College in Jaipur for a wide range of their operations.

TATA Group

In India, it is a popular business group that holds the top position among mechanical engineering businesses in India. Tata Group found by Jamsetji Tata as a trading company in 1868. Now it mainly operates in more than 80 countries across 6 continents. Tata receives more than 58% of its revenue from overseas. However, in their recruitment for engineers of Private Engineering Colleges in Jaipur, mechanical engineers belong to a major part and they recruit engineers for most of their mechanical engineering operations.

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