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Tips for success at job/career fairs

Due to large-scale competition in the job market, the trend has been completely changed. Even for short spans, the competition is very big. It increases the opportunity to meet with employers and expose your networking programs, resume reviews and various workshops offered for job seekers by the company or an organization. Students can increase their job searching options and can attend local job fairs with certain tips mentioned below:

Professional look:

The general rule of thumb says that a person can gain attention through his/her first appearance which can be proved through the dress they wear. Your dress should fit the job you have applied for. Plan your attire carefully, as the first impression is always the last impression. It includes the type of dress, the style you follow, the color you choose, hairstyle you make and overall look of the personality. Interview place always accepts formal wear.


Most of the applicants think that interviewer will engage the interviewee with typical and chaotic questions. But it is important for the aspirant to understand his requirements and the employer requirements. Concise and accurate communication is the key which could impress the interviewer.

Aware of the company:

Advance research is the key to understand the entire concept. Learn everything about the company you have applied for. It includes their target audience and customers, their working, their employees, principles and the people that could best match to your needs and requirements at the company so that you can target them at the initial stage and increase your chances of selection.

Plan according to your goals:

There are millions of companies that opened job opportunities based on your skills and experience at a time. A candidate does not have enough time to go through all those companies. So, serve the company which best suits you in terms of your skills, working environment, company size, etc.


It is the document that added attractiveness to your personality. An interviewee should always carry a sufficient number of copies with them. Your resume should target the kind of job you are seeking, your accomplishments. It should be two pages or less. The employer will always ask questions based on what has been mentioned in the small document. So be clear about what you have written on it.

Ask questions:

Questions and answers is the best way to understand the requirement from both the sides. If the interviewee does not ask questions, the communication remains irrelevant. Because if someone is working somewhere, it is the core right to fulfill their own demands irrespective of what company wants to offer. Home Page

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