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The First – Year of an Engineering College

The excitement of the first year of the college is above all. You're embarking on a new future, positioning yourself to write a fresh story on a clean slate. The enthusiasm to go to college, to make new friends, to learn new things, to unwrap new surprises is one of the best feelings in the student’s life. Today, we are going to tell you some interesting ways to spend your first year of college. The ways are –

Explore the College and its surroundings

The college is all about exploring new things. The first few days are the perfect playground for discovery, where students have the opportunity to get to know each other better, take on new roles, and break out of their comfort zones. You have to spend the next four years of your life in college, so it is very important to know the environment of the college and its surroundings.

Avoid Temporizing

College is far too different from a high school. The time flew away very fast when you are in college. You have many more things to do like attending classes, make timely projects, planning internships, preparation for exams, participating in extracurricular activities and much more. There are many tasks and responsibilities which will consume your time. To plan other pieces of stuff then college like meeting friends, having fun, doing your personal stuff you have to quit temporizing. It’s the time; you have to stop messing around unimportant things.

Make new Friends

The most interesting and fun part of the college is making new friends. The friends are going to grow with you in the next four crucial years of your life. Try to be an extrovert in the first few weeks of the college. You will definitely make some good friends worth for your life ahead of college. The first year of the college is the only time when people will be open for friendship and meeting. A compatible friend may leave an influential impact on your life. So, interact and make new friends.

Try the different field of Engineering

You are new to engineering and so you should be open to all the different fields of engineering. This is so because many students do not know which field is appropriate for them. Some students may figure out their respective interest, once they will take some classes. Regardless of all the knowledge, you have as a fresher for the different field of engineering, it is very necessary that your mind is open for all the knowledge from different fields to choose one among them. Every student opts a field after considering many factors but sometimes when you get into that you realized that you are not meant for it. That is the situation which leads to the quit the engineering. So instead of quitting, try to give a chance to the different field. The first year is the only year, which can give you the time to explore different fields.

Develop your own personality

Scoring good grades is not a college thing. College is all about developing yourself as a mature professional who can work in a leading organization for its growth and development. So, indulge yourself in the other activities which will be helpful for your overall personality growth like learning communication skills, planning for an internship, make networks and connections and so on. Expand your network of influential people by your good communication skills and hard work. Remember, learning and exploring new things will continue for the whole life.

Don’t judge other Subjects

Some students think opting for engineering is the most difficult task. The other subjects are much easier to learn in comparison to their subjects. But this is a myth, every subject holds its values. Maybe the engineers have invented many modern technologies but it doesn’t mean that the students from other field are just having fun. If you are busy in solving equations than others are also busy creating some histories or tales.

Have fun but don’t Regret

The first year is all about fun and enjoyment. There is no harm in enjoying your college life but you should take care while making some choices. Sometimes you make plenty of choices for which you have to regret later. So, whatever choices you make during your first year will going to influence your next four years. So, have lots of fun in the college but make choices wisely. Home Page

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