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Terms related to a power transformer for BTech electrical engineers

Glossary of technical terms commonly used

There are many terms related to the power transformer operation that can be easily visualized by the electrical engineers of B Tech Colleges. For instance, it includes transformer construction or regular working principle. On the other hand, there are certain complexes terms which can be ‘seen’ only in practice. Therefore, below mentioned are some terms useful for the engineers.

Inrush Current

The inrush current is so specific and significant for the students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. Transformer energies produce very high transient inrush current that can reach peak values, up to ten times the peak rated current. This is a natural phenomenon and the protection should not operate. The circuit breaker allows high flexibility and enables them to avoid tripping current. It also helps them to maintain a good level of protection due to the electronic relay time or current characteristic.

Magnetizing Current

The magnetizing current at the rated voltage is quite small, that is, 1% out of the rated current. The magnetizing current is heavily dependent on the supply voltage level.

The increasing magnetizing current has a high content of the fifth harmonic. Students of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur can use it to detect the phenomena. The phenomenon in relation to an increasing magnetizing current refers to as over-excitation. It results in increasing supply voltage

Secondary Voltage Adjustment

The voltage level provides to the load from the transformer secondary terminals should keep within certain limits by the students of Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. Factors affecting the fluctuation of the secondary voltage level are based on the primary side voltage level and the secondary side loads current.

In order to enable the secondary voltage adjustment for fluctuation compensation, the voltage transformation ratio of the power transformer needs to be adjusted. This adjustment is possible due to the introduction of a number of tapings in the windings. Usually, these tapings place in the primary side windings to minimize the current passing. For this, students of B Tech College in Jaipur can use switches to provide the connection to the different taps.

Transformer connection groups

The power transformer connection groups indicate letter and number symbols. However, capital letters refer to the winding having the highest rate voltage and small letters to winding(s) having lower rate voltage. For instance, it includes:

  1. Y and y: are referring to a star-connected winding.
  2. D and d:are referring to a delta-connected winding
  3. Z and z: are referring to a zigzag-connected winding
  4. III and iii: are referring to an open (not connected) three-phase winding.
  5. N and n indicate that the neutral terminal of a star-connecting winding is possible to bring to the surface.
  6. Short Circuit Impedance

The following discussion is introducing the resistivity in relation to three-phase power transformers. For three-phase transformers, the impedance is expressed as phase impedance. However, this quantity is often expressed in relative, dimensionless form by the students of Top Private Engineering Colleges.

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