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Teaching Methods - Cooperative OR Competitive

Which Type Of Teaching Methods Do You Prefer - Cooperative Or Competitive

Competition and Cooperation both are the two sides of a coin. However, most of the educators choose the cooperative over the competitive teaching methods. Although both techniques are different from each other and both are preferred classroom teaching techniques. Arya College of Engineering & IT is very efficient to understand the balance in both classroom styles. Moreover, Arya College Jaipur also acknowledges both the teaching methods depending on the timing to use them.

However, the questions arises here is that what is the difference between both the strategies? Why one strategy is preferred over the other strategy? Which technique is better? Therefore, I am here to tell you about the pros and cons of both the techniques.

Cooperative Strategy in the Classroom

In a cooperative strategy, the students asked to work together in a group. Working in a group will motivate the students to enhance their learning. The activities at the classroom like studying together, working on the same project, reviewing each other, helping each other in writing assignments, making a presentation, analysis of the social problem, will help the students to grow individually as well as collectively. Therefore, the cooperative strategy is good to choose. Now, let us talk about the pros and cons of the cooperative strategy.

Pros of the Cooperative strategy

  • Knowledge of the cooperative skills that are necessary for their future working lives
  • Students will learn better
  • It will develop the habit of helping others in the students
  • Brought up the children who are left behind due to competition
  • Resolve the peer pressure
  • Solve the problems collectively

Cons of the Cooperative strategy

  • Individual assessment will become difficult for teachers
  • Some students may get dependent on other fellows
  • Lack of motivation to excel individually
  • Individual efforts are ignored
  • Lack of individual recognition may frustrate some students

Competitive strategy in the Classroom

The competitive strategy of the classroom is one of the traditional techniques of learning. However, the competitive strategy leads to individualistic learning. The students will learn to complete their assignments on their own. Moreover, they will learn to present themselves.

The students will learn and understand the subject matter by this strategy. In addition, the tests and quizzes at the classroom evaluate the individual performance of the students. It will also enable the students to compete with each other to grow better for the best grades. The students will try to put extra efforts to grab the attention and recognition of the teachers. Therefore, the teachers can also use competitive strategy to raise the performance of the students.

Pros of the Competitive strategy

  • Students will experience the challenges of the real world
  • Students are motivated to plunk their best efforts
  • A sense of individuality will develop in students
  • Emerges Independent thoughts
  • Individual efforts are encouraged and rewarded
  • Best way to enliven the classroom environment

Cons of the Competitive strategy

  • Feeling of the apathetic, as the student will fall behind
  • Competition of scoring high grades may affect the actual learning
  • A feeling of de-emphasized to work in a group
  • Affect the ability to work in a team during work life
  • Lack of cooperation

The ground between both strategies

As we discussed both the teaching methods, it is clear that both the strategies have their own advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, both the strategies are equally competent to incorporate in the classroom. However, the teachers should be capable of guarding the students against the pitfalls of these teaching methods. Yes! Incorporating both strategies will ask for extra efforts and commitment by the teachers but, if it results in something good for the students then, you should try it!

Arya College Jaipur which is one of the best engineering colleges in India considers both teaching methods in the classroom. The faculties of Arya College committed towards their roles and responsibilities as a teacher.

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