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Summer activities to boost your Engg College application

Summer Activities to step up your college apps profile

Colleges want to see the commitment of students of Engg College towards extracurricular throughout their studies. However, they also prefer making the effort to expand and stretch you over summer vacation.

What should high schoolers do over the summer?

Your summer vacation is the perfect time for the preparation of Top Engineering Colleges and to explore potential careers. After all, all summers in high school are significant, especially the summers after fresher and junior year. Here are some summer activities that are fun, creative.

Participate in a specialized high school program

Specialized summer programs are held on college campuses all over the country. Students get training in public speaking and learn how attorneys prepare a case for trial. However, most of the conference offers programs on campuses where students explore a future career, develop leadership skills, and get a taste of college life.

Take a college class

Many engineering colleges offer summer programs where high school students come to campus to take courses and live in the dorms. Taught by real college professors, these classes are extremely competitive for high school students and require an application.

Find a summer program at a local school or community college

Instead of living in the dorm, students of private engineering colleges must save money by living at home and attending college classes. However, if you get to worry that summer college programs are too expensive, financial aid can be a good option.

Get involved with research

Experience in a lab as a high school student is really impressive to Engineering Colleges. Cold call professors or ask your parents to talk to anyone they know who is connected with a university to see if you can work in their lab.

Create your own project

Students of the best engineering colleges must turn their interests and talents into their own summer-long project. However, they can form a garage band with some musically-inclined friends and practice with local gigs. Teach yourself how to program. In addition, practice your creative writing and submit your work to journals that publish high school students.

Take a free online class

Sites like edx and Coursera offer free courses for the students of B Tech Colleges taped or streamed from universities. However, with tons of subjects from robotics to poetry, they get to participate in real-time or watch past lectures from professors of your college.

Get a job

Colleges impress when students of B Tech Colleges have jobs, whether they are working for family income or just for fun. Their work history demonstrates initiative and responsibility. However, colleges love to see collaboration, so try to spend your summer working with others versus only on solo projects.

Be an entrepreneur

Start a business with friends that offer a service in your community. However, most of the students heard of starting babysitters' clubs, walking dogs for the neighborhood, or even teaching Skype to the elderly.

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